DNN released version 9.2 of its DNN Platform, which includes updates such as "Prompt," a command-line interface for managing a DNN site, as well as a storage connector for Azure. Prompt was created and led by Kelly Ford, President of DNNDev, with other members of the community contributing. DNN 9.2 can be downloaded at GitHub.

Ford, who is also an Executive Committee Member of DNN-Connect, announced via the DNN Community blog that he is spearheading a community effort to organize and improve DNN documentation. DNN community member David Poindexter spent time organizing the release archives of DNN Platform. Users can now access every version of DNN Platform, from version 9 back to version 1, which dates back to 2003.

Finally, a DNN user group is being established in Toronto, Canada. The group’s first meeting will be virtual, with subsequent meetings set to be scheduled in the Toronto area.

Magnolia 5.6.3 Released

Magnolia has released version 5.6.3 with more improvements for authors, developers and site administrators. One of the key features is a mechanism that allows developers to mark YAML-based definitions as deprecated. The release notes and a video of the release highlights sheds more light on the release.

Magnolia also released a new version of its command line interface (CLI) tool. Magnolia CLI 3.0 allows users to use the jumpstart command to get up and running with any of the eight available Magnolia webapps. Magnolia users can now fully customize all of the create commands and create multiple “prototypes” for each create command.

dotCMS Hires New CMO

DotCMS recently named Robert Slaughter as its new chief marketing officer. Slaughter will report to Ralph Miller, chief executive officer, and become one of the senior executives within the company.

In a statement on the appointment, Miller said, “Since we sell a mar-tech product, we need to ‘walk the talk,’ and that means we had to bring someone onboard with the skill set that only a few people have today. Someone who combines the knowledge of the space, digital strategy, demand generation knowledge and is very technical.”

Slaughter was most recently principal at Ripple Effect Advisors, a B2B Marketing and Sales Acceleration Firm based in Washington, D.C. where he led the global marketing initiatives of several high-growth technology firms.

Additionally, dotCMS announced the formation of a new partnership with CapTech, a U.S.-based technology and management consulting firm.

BloomReach Experience v12.2 Released

BloomReach Experience version 12.2 has arrived, and although it’s a minor release, v12.2 contains some important updates, including:

Learning Opportunities

  • An improved update editor.
  • Updates on the essentials setup and feature library.
  • An updated workflow for projects.
  • The possibility to create content from within the channel manager.

Furthermore,  the company’s principal solutions architect for Bloomreach Experience, Woonsan Ko, was recently admitted as a new Apache Software Foundation Member.

"There is no question at all that Woonsan is our absolute champion as developer and solution architect. And uncontested ever since he joined Hippo in 2008, almost 10 years ago!" said Arjé Cahn, CTO of BloomReach Experience. "Honestly, I never met another developer as good as Woonsan, period."

Liferay Community Edition Portal 7.0.5 Released

Liferay Community Edition Portal 7.0.5 has also arrived on the open source scene, and it features over 800 fixes to known bugs.

Also, in anticipation of the upcoming 7.1 release of the Liferay Digital Experience Platform, Liferay has called for more community members to get involved and help test its upgrades to make sure everything works as it should. Participants will gain credit towards the Liferay Top Contributor Award, while active contributors will receive a “small token of appreciation” for their efforts. Further details about the Beta Program are available here. Those interested in participating in the Beta Program are encouraged to fill out this form.

More Open Source CMS Headlines

In other news, both Grav 1.4 and Grav Admin 1.7 have been released. Grav users can expect a new theme, upgrades to content blocks and a new caching system.

Meanwhile, MODX Revolution 2.6.2 has also gone live, boasting a host of bug fixes and enhancements.