Miami-based dotCMS has rolled out dotCMS 4.3, featuring new Static Publishing features as well the new “Four Eyes” workflow approval. 

DotCMS’ Static Publishing feature — which was released last year — has been updated so users can save comprehensive static HTML versions of their websites in multiple locations, including local folders, AWS S3 buckets, or any external location or cloud service accessible via SCP or SFTP. According to the dotCMS press release, “these new Static Publishing features mean more customers can take advantage of the performance, disaster recovery, compliance, and security benefits that Static Publishing offers.”

The new workflow approval process, called “Four Eyes,” gives publishers the option to require two people approve content before it can move forward. 

Will Ezell, dotCMS CTO, said: “With new laws and regulations constantly coming into fruition, those organizations that need to ensure security and consistency, like financial services, government and higher education, can now require at least two sets of eyes — literally four eyes — on any item before a workflow action is taken.”

This update also aims to improve the speed and efficiency of its front-end development, including the addition of a new full-featured LibSass-based Sass compiler, which compiles files in a tenth of the time. The dotCMS 4.3 release included further performance and security improvements, all viewable in the ChangeLog.

DotCMS have also announced a number of partnerships with agencies and vendors since the beginning of the year including: Sebae Group, Fuel Digital, Building Blocks, commercetools and Dynamit.

In other news, the dotCMS BootCamp 18 user conference is scheduled to take place May 2 to 4. The event will gather dotCMS executives, users and developers who will share knowledge, participate in workshops, hear keynotes and network.

Finally, dotCMS and CMSWire have partnered to host a three-part webinar series. A recording of part one, "Improving Customer Experience: Top Task Identification" (registration required) is available for viewing, while registration is open for part two, "Task Performance Indicator: Measuring Customer Experience," scheduled for March 13.

TYPO3 Releases v9.1

TYPO3 released version 9.1 on Jan. 30. The new "Site Management" main module aims to become the central place for all site-related configuration tasks, e.g. languages, domains and routing.

The new "Redirects" module allows TYPO3 integrators and editors to configure redirects for their website, an important feature when it comes to search engine optimization. The redirects can be limited to a specific domain and the HTTP response code can easily be configured. Redirects also makes it possible for the source path to be represented as a regular expression and enforce a redirect to HTTPS if required.

Another feature released as part of TYPO3 9.1 is a new API class for creating “Feature Toggles." With this, new features can be developed in parallel with existing features with the option to toggle them on or off, and gives admins the power to switch to new features explicitly or disable legacy features programmatically.

Learning Opportunities

DNN Partners Produce

Manchester, England-based DNN partner Cantarus has open sourced a bulk deployment tool for DNN called PolyDeploy. The tools is designed to provide DNN users with stress-free DNN deployments, decreased downtime and continuous deployment. It automatically organizes extensions as a dependency tree to ensure a specific installation order. Users can download PolyDeploy from Cantarus' GitHub repository.

The DNN Connect Association announced DNN Connect 2018 will take place May 31 to June 3 in Limerick, Ireland. The conference takes place on the campus of the University of Limerick and attracts DNN users, developers, administrators and ISVs.

A new open source DNN theme has also hit the web via nvisionative. The free theme, called nvQuickTheme, also acts as a theme-building framework and developer workflow. NvQuickTheme can be downloaded from nvisionative's GitHub repository.

Tiki Releases v18.0

Tiki 18.0 has also been released. It includes a Composer web installer, a drag-and-drop interface, a new Style-Guide tool and a major upgrade of the external libraries for H5P, the open source platform for creating rich HTML5 content. View the full ChangeLog here.

More Open Source CMS Headlines

DrupalCamp London is fast approaching. The weekend event will take place March 2 to 4 and bring together hundreds of Drupal users and developers. According to Drupal Association Fulfillment Coordinator Natalie Wright, DrupalCamp London is, “a chance for Drupalers from all backgrounds to meet, discuss, and engage in the Drupal community and project.”

Lastly, the team leading the WordPress project have stepped up their GDPR preparation, which involves helping WordPress users and developers become aware of the upcoming regulation. The working group has posted their proposed roadmap for this project.