old friends

After nearly 20 years in the online editing market, Ephox wanted to get into open source.

It already partnered with TinyMCE, the open source default editor for WordPress that's downloaded 5 million times a year. So why not merge?

That was part of the thinking behind the merger announced this week between Ephox and Moxiecode, the Swedish company behind TinyMCE, the world’s largest WYSIWYG editor. The merger will bring together an online editing Web CMS powerhouse that representatives at both companies claim will provide WYSIWYG editors to more than 30 percent of all Internet users and 2 million developers.

“TinyMCE has done a fabulous job getting distribution of its technology,” said Andrew Roberts, CEO of Ephox, the Palo Alto, Calif. tech company that counts IBM and OpenText among its 150 enterprise Web CMS clients.

Long Partnership

Roberts told CMSWire his company has partnered with Moxiecode and TinyMCE before. Back in 2011, the most widely used of Web CMS online editors was then TinyMCE, thanks in part to its association with WordPress, Tumblr, Posterous, Jive and others. TinyMCE users have since grown -- Joomla, Moodle, Blackboard and Atlassian Confluence are all on board.

atlassian confluence, tinymce

Ephox teamed back then with Moxiecode to produce the Ephox Enterprise TinyMCE editor product. Some of the early features included:

  • YouTube IFRAME support
  • A Flash player
  • Plugins for lists and auto-linking
  • Improved handling of malformed input
  • A rewrite of the HTML serialization (output) engine
  • Web accessibility enhancements (WAI-ARIA)
  • Enterprise support for tracking changes and accessibility verification
  • Bug fixes

The partnership continued and a merger made sense, officials said.

What will the merger do? Create WYSIWYG editor offerings, support services, a new cloud platform and mobile capabilities. 

“Having successfully partnered with Ephox for the past five years, we’re really looking forward to utilizing the development resources of Ephox,” Joakim Lindkvist, CEO of Moxiecode, said in a statement. “Merging TinyMCE with Ephox means we will be able to deliver more features, increase support services and accelerate development of future releases of TinyMCE.”

Moxiecode’s Gain

Moxiecode officials said Ephox’s 15 years of experience in creating online editors will be “invaluable in helping us take TinyMCE to the next level.” It’s already begun working on improving the documentation for TinyMCE.

Moxiecode has 19,000 paying customers, including TinyMCE Enterprise, MoxieManager and Plupload products. It is based in Skellefteå, Sweden. The combined company gains resources in engineering and support to build new features, new services and accelerate releases of TinyMCE.

Officials discussed plans for a cloud delivery service and a mobile SDK. Ephox officials called Moxiecode founders Johan “Spocke” Sörlin and Joakim Lindkvist “two of the world’s leading experts in JavaScript and WYSIWYG editing.”

They promised a new website, improved documentation, new features, an updated UI and an increased number of bug fixes in the coming months. They also plan to leverage Ephox’s existing Textbox.io cloud infrastructure to deliver a TinyMCE API from the cloud. Textbox.io is its next generation JavaScript editor for desktop and mobile devices.

The new company will also continue to support and enhance the Ephox EditLive! offering, the rich editor for online editing and Java desktop applications. 

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