Solodev's recently released update of its enterprise web content management solution touts new features as well as a new cloud-hosting option.

The Orlando, Fla.-based provider said Version 8 of its CMS is re-engineered for Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting and distribution. It's an "all-in" AWS partner, which means it treats AWS as its core infrastructure powering platform for customers to run its software.

Amazon Power

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AWS has significant clout in the cloud infrastructure hosting space: Gartner had Amazon Web Services at 10 times the cloud computing capacity than the next 14 combined in its report on cloud infrastructure. Netflix is the latest to jump onboard, according to a blog post last week by Yury Izrailevsky, vice president of cloud and platform engineering for the streaming service.

"A lot of CMSs are on Amazon but are not built for Amazon," Shawn Moore, chief technology officer and founder of 10-year-old Solodev, told CMSWire. "The importance of being 'all-in' is that we are taking advantage of all Amazon's core services like auto-scaling, backup, alerts, notifications and the ability to actually scale as demand grows vs. just moving it onto a server. We've embraced all of Amazon's technologies and built it into the DNA of our product so that it scales as Amazon scales."

What does it mean for Solodev users that their provider is "all-in"?

Joe Forgét, chief innovation officer for Solodev, said in a LinkedIn blog post users get the benefits of auto-scaling and elastic load balancing to on-the-fly dynamic server configuration modifications. He claimed Solodev becomes the only licensed enterprise CMS offering available for direct purchase in the AWS Marketplace.

In a statement, Barry Russell, head of the Global Business Development team for AWS Marketplace, called Solodev a "great fit." 

Learning Opportunities

"AWS is hands down the most functional, innovative and powerful cloud infrastructure anywhere in the world," Moore said. "By rebuilding Solodev CMS the way we did, we've ensured that our customers, both present and future, fully benefit from this incredibly secure, redundant, highly available environment."

Updated Features

Solodev, a 20-employee shop that expects to triple that number by the end of 2016, is an PHP-built enterprise platform that also uses JavaScript. PHP runs on Windows or Linux and has an open database extraction layer and supports Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. It originated as a CMS for agencies before moving into large-scale clients like government.

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Solodev officials also call Version 8 of their CMS the biggest overhaul since 2007, when it was only 1-year-old. It includes customer software apps, mobile apps, a new user interface responsive for mobile devices.

New features also include:

  • Improved hosting support: support for load balancing, CDNs, and disaster recovery to keep customer data safe-and-secure across the AWS global network of data centers
  • Built in documentation: Updated and enhanced documentation baked directly into the product administrative toolset
  • Google Analytics integration: Enables built-in dashboards using an API
  • Document management: workflow, commenting, and task management tool governs every file and document
  • Expanded subscription plans

"Solodev stand outs because it's not a cookie-cutter system," CTO Moore said. "You can have infinite embeddable templates. There is no duplicated HTML. It's like Legos for websites — you can design templates on top of other templates but the templates remain in their original destination. And we don't use plug-ins or third-party modules. You can build your modules right in our CMS."

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