summer fun

Take a bow, open source content management system (CMS) team members. 

Because writing code and paying employees to write code, which is then freely shared without charge with anyone who wants to use it, is how value is being created in 2015, at least according to Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst.

With that pat on the back still fresh on your minds and the US national holiday fast approaching, let's give a second round of applause for a wonderful summer season with family and friends — and jump into what's new in free and open source CMS this month without further ado.

Composite C1

What's up with Composite C1? Well, the team enabled Composite C1 users to restore deleted C1 pages, media files and data folder items with the help of the Content versioning add-on.

On multiple-language websites, pages are restored unpublished to their original position provided that the given page still exists in at least one locale. 

On single-language websites they are restored as root pages. Media files will restore their original folder structure, if it has not been kept.

The Composite C1 job storage implementation for Hangfire now provides an easy way to perform fire-and-forget, delayed and recurring tasks inside ASP.NET applications. 

The team has also updated the YouTube Channel add-on according to the latest version of their API.


In the interest of speeding up the Drupal 8 release, the Drupal Security team has unveiled a new Bug Bounty Program that will pay $50 to $1,000 per security issue resolution for Drupal 8.

Additionally, a new white paper called “Preparing for Drupal 8” has been published. The team calls it a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the upcoming software release.

Lastly, if you're interested in Drupal use cases, you can read about, and why it recently switched to Drupal and in the process became the largest Drupal website in the world. You can read the study here.


Break out the barbecue grills and the beach balls. Hippo is having a good summer.

"We've signed some excellent partnerships expanding our network, we’ve got some fantastic enterprise clients we look forward to announcing soon-- and we’re getting ready for events season," said Joanna Madej, head of Hippo's global communications.

The team recently released Hippo CMS 10, which offers a new understanding of the Web Content Management System (WCMS) as a strategic tool for the enterprise. Now you can learn more.

  1. Introducing Hippo CMS 10: Agile Tools for Developers. Join Hippo’s Chief Technical Officer Arjé Cahn and Hippo’s Tech and Product Marketing Manager Anoop Gangadharan as they introduce Hippo CMS 10 and demonstrate how it enables rapid development and continuous deployments. The webinar is ideal for Java developers, Hippo developers, developers curious about Hippo, IT architects and anyone with a passion for CMS technology and elegant code
  2. Introducing Hippo CMS 10: Content Performance Insights for Data-Driven Content Strategy. Join Hippo’s CMO Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer and Hippo’s CTO Arjé Cahn as they demonstrate how Hippo CMS 10 fits within the marketing technology ecosystem. Going beyond a productivity tool, Hippo CMS adapts principles from marketing automation, redefining the WCMS as an intelligent marketing technology software used to optimize and personalize the customer journey from its earliest stages all the way through, actively turning visitors into leads from the very first touchpoint

Hippo CMS 10 (and Hippo CMS 7.9.8) feature an add-on intended to help get your project to production and to smooth the process of continuous delivery. One of the challenges in this process is to manage the cut-over from the previous version of your project to the next. Hippo’s new synchronization add-on will allow you to do just that.

In other news this month, Hippo formed a technical alliance with commercetools, provider of cloud-based e-commerce platform SPHERE.IO.

Want to learn more? Hippo and commercetools invite you to get more information over a round of golf on July 10 in Munich.

"We'll leave the usual rush and hassle of fairs, conferences and talks behind. Free of presentations, panel talks, product launches, sales activities and stress, the event gives you the opportunity to meet amazing people from the industry and exchange ideas and projects in a relaxed atmosphere," Madej said. You can sign up here.


The Jahia team is catching its breath. More than 200 people from at least 10 countries attended JahiaOne 2015 in Paris last month. The theme of the conference was the “Unified Customer Journey,” which emphasized the impact of Digital Marketing and the role of Jahia at the center of the digital transformation evolution.

Want to see what you missed? Click here.

As for conference content, Gene Phifer from Gartner discussed the race to a more personalized customer experience, while pointing out the inherent risks of data collection required to achieve this outcome. Jahia CEO Elie Auvray introduced the concept of Ethical Web Experience Management (WEM) and how this is guiding the Jahia innovation roadmap.

To strengthen consumer privacy, Jahia initiated a standardization process with the OASIS consortium in early April 2015.

Jahia and Enonic ignited the OASIS Context Server Technical Committee to standardize personalized web and digital experiences. Introductory videos on the new technology are now available in teaser (0:21) and introductory video (8:43) formats.

The technical committee is actively encouraging newcomers, especially Marketing Automation and CRM vendors, to make sure that the standard will be as flexible and useful as possible. Jahia is also actively developing an open source prototype implementation.

Jahia has also launched an open source community project with the Apache Foundation, whose mission it is to provide software for the public good. Together, this allows all software vendors, brands, organizations and communities to use an open, agreed-upon and community-enriched engine to collect and share user context data.

Jahia announced and demonstrated major updates to existing products as well as introduced new products to help organizations build one-to-one relationships with website and mobile visitors. Jahia will release the following products in the coming months:

  • Digital Factory 7.1 — Jahia’s User Experience Management (UXP) platform brings major performance enhancements to ensure organizations with hundreds or thousands of employees can benefit from Jahia
  • Workspace Factory 3.0 — Jahia’s collaboration and document-sharing platform brings more functionality with Microsoft Office, enhanced notifications and a fully mobile-ready interface that’s easily brandable for your organization
  • Marketing Factory — Jahia’s new comprehensive digital marketing and personalization platform designed to simplify the management and reporting of the entire customer lifecycle
  • Commerce Factory — Jahia’s new e-commerce solution enables organizations to rapidly build online shops and brand marketplaces while completely integrated with the Jahia platform

Jahia also announced the Unity program, which is designed to provide certified connectors to leading enterprise systems. This customer-driven program will be co-funded and supported by Jahia as a part of a customer’s subscription.

With the number of Jahia projects skyrocketing around the world, the Jahia Certification program is in demand. More than 30 people joined the “Get Jahia Certified” at JahiaOne 2015 and the company will be launching new online services as well as local developer events around the world.


Jessica Dunbar and Tessa Mero
The Joomla Project and the Production Leadership Team just released Joomla 3.4.2. This is a security release for the 3.x series of Joomla and fixes two low level security issues. 

Like bugs? Joomla doesn’t either. Join the community for a Bug Squashing event at Joomla Day Minnesota at the Mall of America on July 19. Joomla’s Marketing Lead Jessica Dunbar and Tessa Mero, a board member for Open Source Matters, the not-for-profit organization, created to provide organization, legal and financial support to the Joomla project, are leading the hackathon.

If you’ve been wondering who’s going to lead Joomla’s version 3.5 release, we can tell you: Roland Dalmulder, leader of the Joomla Bug Squad, with help from George Wilson. Both are members of the Production Leadership Team (PLT). The team expects to release Joomla version 3.5 in September.

Speaking of the PLT … it has a new member, Marco Dings. Dings will be managing and helping to document the workflows within the project, helping with the work on Joomla future releases and adding more front end knowledge to the group.

On a sadder note, the sixth J and Beyond — and the six months of effort it took to create it — is over. Held May 29 to 31 in Prague, the team said it exceeded expectations.

“It’s is a big commitment to put on this event but we do it because we love it. We love it because you love it,” Dunbar said, noting that the team put the pieces in place but the participants made it happen.

“Every year each one of us in the team has their own aims, wishes and targets (for attending). Each year we surprise ourselves and surpass those,” she said.

As Chris Heilman, Principal Developer Evangelist of the Mozilla Developer Network, told the crowd, you cannot buy the joy of communities at open source events.


Magnolia closed out the past month by delivering several big things: hosting the 6th Magnolia Conference, relaunching its corporate site and releasing Magnolia 5.4 Beta.

The community's European conference was a the biggest of the six so far. Some 300 people traveled to Basel, Switzerland to network and attend talks — "and to go to our legendary conference party," noted Magnolia Communications Manager Isabelle Dubach.

Want to see what you missed? Photos of the event, slides and videos are available online. Highlights included a keynote by Magnolia's founders, a coding culture keynote by Atlassian’s Mark Halvorson and a panel discussion on digital transformation.

The team also announced and talked about its new positioning. "I could describe it again or just link to a brilliant write-up," Dubach said. (We'll take the compliment, Isabelle!)

In parallel to delivering the conference, Magnolia relaunched its own website, "obviously using Magnolia." The team invites you to look around and share your feedback. "We particularly recommend pages like this one on the IoT featuring a really cool retail video we shot and produced ourselves," Dubach added.

Finally, Magnolia 5.4 Beta was released on June 10. Download it here and check out the Beta documentation to go with the release. The final version should be released within the next few weeks.


Nuxeo announced the availability of Nuxeo Platform Fast Track (FT) 7.3. This latest release provides several new capabilities including integration with cloud file sharing platforms, better branch management and extended ACLs.

Nuxeo Platform FT 7.3 includes Live Connect which allows the Nuxeo Platform to treat files in various cloud-based file sync and share systems as if they were part of the local file system or repository. This allows organizations to take advantage of the collaboration features of Enterprise Files Share and Sync (EFSS) platforms and the business benefits of the Nuxeo Platform.

By integrating assets residing in an EFSS platform with Nuxeo’s fluid, agile workflow system, the business value of the assets is multiplied, adding context to data in relation to company processes and daily tasks, informing decision-making, and driving more productive business operations.

Nuxeo Live Connect is a new feature providing native integration with Cloud-Based Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) platforms.

Nuxeo has added native support to connect to files stored in EFSS systems including Google Drive and Dropbox. This allows Nuxeo customers to benefit from the collaboration and files sharing capabilities of EFSS platforms and the metadata and business processes capabilities of the Nuxeo Platform.

Editors on these platforms, e.g. Google Docs, Slides and Sheets, can be viewed and accessed natively within the Nuxeo environment, providing free and open collaboration without having to copy files and store them locally. With this release, Nuxeo customers can not only access the standard editors on these platforms but also the wealth of third party editors that have been created.  

Download the latest version of the release here.

If you’re a user of the Nuxeo Platform and you want to learn more about the new features, you can watch this on-demand webinar with Alain Escaffre, product management director.

If you are new to the Nuxeo Platform, Nuxeo has launched Nuxeo University. The goal is for you to learn how to use the Nuxeo Platform and its endless possibilities through short video tutorials. 

Forrester and Nuxeo teamed up for a webinar called “Prepare for Dramatic Changes in Application Architecture.”

Craig Le Clair, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, discussed the current trends in application development. He explained how to use Capability Layers to develop a roadmap that will help your organization take advantage of current technologies and best practices to prepare for agile, cloud-based, and mobile-friendly customer experience initiatives. You can watch the on-demand webinar here.


With a title like "Community Awesomeness Manager," you know SilverStripe's Cam Findlay has important news — like the recent release of the 3.2 beta version for testing. It's got new features, CMS UX improvements and new ORM.

SilverStripe is also holding a coding competition. "Write your best SilverStripe CMS code and you just might win a quadcopter drone and a coveted spot on our software page," Findlay said.

Oh — and that London office we told you Wellington, New Zealand-based SilverStripe was opening? Findlay told us, "We'll be over this side of the globe to help grow the FOSS community and work with digital agencies to build some amazing sites using open source tools and software."


The TYPO3 Association and the Neos team have mutually agreed to split the community in two. "This crucial decision has been based on the fact that TYPO3 CMS and Neos grew apart in the last years and represent two conceptually distinct products. With the aim of enabling each project to focus on an own strategy and efficient use of resources, this decision has been considered the best viable choice," said TYPO3 Executive Secretary Naike Schulthess.

With that in mind, the TYPO3 CMS team announced the latest version of its content management system, an intermediate step towards the final TYPO3 CMS 7 LTS to be released in the fall. "Since the release of TYPO3 CMS 7.2 in April, the team focussed on certain topics under the hood to make the code base simpler and easier to maintain, while providing new standards for setting up new projects made with TYPO3," Schulthess said.

The team also announced version 6.2.13 LTS of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System, a regular maintenance release that contains more than 100 bug fixes and improvements.

The TYPO3 Marketing Team is gearing up for this year’s Agency Meetups. It's planning a dozen meetings throughout Europe between August and November. The meetups are designed to bring together TYPO3 Agencies and Project Managers to exchange ideas with the marketing team and the core team representatives on the future of the product.

Speaking of planning, there's a lot of excitement brewing about T3CON15, the largest TYPO3 event in the world. The team is already soliciting speakers and selling tickets for the event, which will take place in October in Amsterdam.

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