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The latest in openings, appointments, surveys, presentations, marketing and integrations from Wellywood, the Pilgrim State, the Old Line State and Switzerland of America, the Fair City and the Excelsior State, and the Land of Fruits and Nuts.

SilverStripe – Good to the Last Drop?

In a country historically known for its relationship with tea, SilverStripe would like to invite everyone over for a cup of coffee. “We’re in Rainmaking Loft,” one official stated, “right beside the landmark of Tower Bridge.”

Wellington, New Zealand-based SilverStripe announced this week the opening of its new London offices with what appears to be a sincere offer for a cup of joe. CEO Sam Minnée said the goal is to "help more of the UK and Europe’s strongest and most ambitious digital agencies.”

He added that some agencies in the company’s new home city, along with several UK councils and “the most famous cricket club in the world” already use SilverStripe for their websites.

SilverStripe will be hosting several upcoming events including:

If crumpets and Jammie Dodgers are included with that coffee, who knows how big the crowds might be?

Globoforce’s Got Talent

Globoforce and IBM announced a new partnership: An integration within IBM’s Smarter Workforce partner ecosystem, which officials claim will “help companies hire, engage, and retain talent by leveraging all facets of the HR ecosystem.”

Officials claim the integrated system can help HR leaders:

  • Use cognitive analytics to quickly reveal insights and opportunities in their talent data
  • Ask questions using the language of HR and quickly get results that drive better business decisions
  • Navigate team dynamics, cultural influencers, and employee patterns and relationships through dynamic interactive visuals

Eric Mosley, CEO of Dublin, Ireland based Globoforce claims its data connector “…can show true employee performance and the strength of employee connections due to its high adoption rates.” He added that integrating social recognition into IBM Kenexa Talent Insights, will give HR leaders "cultural and talent data that can change the way they manage their workforce.”

The integrated platform will be available to joint customers of IBM and Globoforce.

Landing a PLUM Position

Virtual networking firm, PLUMGrid, headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., just networked for itself. It is bringing in Larry Lang, formerly of Quorum Labs, as their new CEO. The company’s founder, Awais Nemat, will become chairman of the board.

PandaDoc Goes Zen

PandaDoc announced integration as a Zendesk add-on, allowing customers to streamline customer service-related documents, including document creation, delivery and tracking.

Officials claim the integration will allow documents and document-related information to be “part of the comprehensive information available to service agents.” Additionally, it will enable end-customers to access these documents.

Mikita Mikado, co-founder and CEO of San Francisco-based PandaDoc, said the integration makes traditionally mundane paperwork processes, like securing e-signatures, simpler and faster.

MarketOne and Scribe at Your Service

Maynard, Mass.-based MarketOne and Manchester, N.H.-based Scribe announced a data integration partnership.

According to the terms of the agreement, Scribe Online, the cloud-based integration Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) will be used by MarketOne to pull marketing automation data from Eloqua, "aggregate it with data from other enterprise sources, enrich the data and load the data into MarketOne’s sophisticated, proprietary analytics models.”

Jeff Wright, managing director data, reporting and analytics at MarketOne called it an "agile integration solution."

Swimming with Brainshark

Brainshark released its live presentation capabilities, Brainshark Live, for the company’s Sales Accelerator. According to a company official, the platform helps sales reps find and deliver "the best presentation for every selling situation" within Salesforce from their desktops and mobile devices.

The platform helps users:

  • Ensure the use of approved live presentation content
  • Present and project slides from computers, smartphones or tablets
  • Share slide decks so prospects can view them again on-demand and forward them to others
  • Broadcast presentations live over the web

Greg Flynn, president of Waltham, Mass.-based Brainshark said it helps "the right content finds the rep, instead of the other way around.”

SANS Study Filled with Figures

The non-profit SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Networking and Security) Institute in Bethesda, Md., released the results of its first survey and research report “identifying how often organizations ranging from enterprises to government agencies are utilizing big data systems, what the associated security challenges are, and how risks can be easily mitigated.”

The study, “Enabling Big Data by Removing Security and Compliance Barriers,” was authored by SANS Analyst Barbara Filkins, with SANS Director of Emerging Technologies John Pescatore participating as an advisor, and sponsored by Cloudera, headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif.

The methodology for the study included over 200 respondents polled in the last quarter of 2014. About 80 percent of respondents held technical roles within IT, 52 percent had job titles directly related to security, 28 percent had titles indicating a variety of technical and managerial roles and 20 percent had titles indicating specialties in compliance, incident response and forensics, application development, business unit manager and application owners and executive management. The industries included government, banking and finance, IT, telecom, and healthcare.

The survey found:

  • 54 percent integrate with existing identity and access management systems to manage sensitive data access and 45 percent authorize user access based on roles (RBAC)
  • 78 percent of those able to rank security control effectiveness said host-based security technologies were the most effective
  • 72 percent of those able to rank security control effectiveness said network-based security technologies were the most effective
  • 40 percent of those able to rank security control effectiveness said encryption technologies were very effective
  • 25 percent (highest percentage) of respondents said that the CIO and CTO are responsible for big data governance
  • 18 percent (second highest percentage) said that the CSO and CISO are responsible for big data governance
  • Less than 5 percent said system administrators, security administrators and app developers and managers held responsibility

Filkins said the research paints "a clear picture of how organizations are using big data architectures for real production workloads and what they should be most concerned about, and provide advice on how to reduce risk in existing and future big data environments.”

The SANS Institute will be hosting a webinar on June 18 to discuss the findings.

Peter Y. Lee joins RapidMiner

Former TIBCO Executive VP Peter Y. Lee is the new President and CEO for open source predictive analytics company, RapidMiner. Lee will be charged with focusing on strategy and operations for the company.

RapidMiner founder and former CEO Ingo Mierswa will step into the post of Chief Technology Officer for the Cambridge, Mass.-based firm.

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