CMSWire Reader Advisory Board (2019)

The CMSWire Advisory Board is comprised of industry leaders and practitioners in the fields of digital experience, customer experience and the digital workplace. The first board served between September 2015 and December 2016 and our second board served between April 2017 and June 2018.

Mission Statement

The Advisory Board's mission is to support CMSWire's commitments to quality editorial content and a vibrant community of business professionals. 

Vision Statement

Gain a better understanding of the trends, drivers and priorities shaping our readers’ businesses so we can improve how we report, write and present news. 

Introducing Our Reader Advisory Board

The following thought leaders comprise our third board, which served between August 2018 until December 2019. The board provided input, advice and feedback to the CMSWire editorial staff on current trends and topics related to digital experience and digital workplace technologies and strategies.

Brad Grissom

Brad GrissomBrad Grissom is a customer success manager at Microsoft where he helps drive successful adoption and usage of the modern workplace applications and services for key customers. He is an advocate for his customers, helping them navigate risks, manage change, and define and reach their goals for how Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobile & Security can improve business outcomes.

Brad's 20-year career has spanned both technical and business roles that at their core have focused on setting vision and strategy, building programs, and leading change. He considers himself very lucky to have worked for such iconic brands as Harley-Davidson, Southwest Airlines, and now Microsoft.

His passion for technology combined with his formal education in communication and writing, keeps Brad busy blogging, speaking, and sharing ideas on digital transformation, the digital workplace, and the future of work. Tweet to Brad.

Christopher Plamann

Christopher PlamannChris leads the Solutions Marketing function at United Rentals following its recent acquisition of BakerCorp, where he headed up the marketing group for seven years. Chris has more than 20 years of experience in the sales and marketing space, spending most of that time focusing on the application of marketing strategy, brand development and digital experience to the industrial B2B market. 

Prior to his time with United Rentals and BakerCorp, Chris was a founding partner of a boutique marketing agency in Southern California serving clients in the aerospace and defense, industrial, manufacturing and consumer packaged goods industries. Chris holds degrees in International Relations from the University of Colorado at Boulder as well as an MBA from the Marshall School of Business at USC. 

Outside of work, Chris is involved in a number of charitable and faith-based organizations. He also enjoys (when we’re winning) coaching his two sons’ basketball and football teams. Tweet to Chris.

Jed Cawthorne

Jed CawthorneJed is the senior product manager, search excellence at TD Bank and has a passionate interest in the information and knowledge management domains. An evangelist for digital transformation and information governance with nearly 20 years experience, he has worked in government, higher education, consulting retail and financial services sectors for organizations such as the UN and European Space Agency. Jed has a successful track record in developing highly-performing teams, and of developing innovative solutions to business problems.  

Jed is an AIIM Certified Information Professional with a bachelor’s degree in computing and an MBA. He is an officer of the AIIM First Canadian Chapter organizing committee, and winner of the AIIM achievement award for work for the Chapter in 2017. 

In his spare time, when not reading or writing about technology or information and knowledge management, Jed is a keen historical fencer, an assistant instructor of Italian longsword and medieval reenactor. Being ex-military, he can also be found tweeting opinions on military strategy and tech. Tweet to Jed.

Megan Horton

Megan HortonMegan is the director, digital branding and strategy at Oklahoma State University. She is an energetic and creative professional with expertise in digital media, user experience and development of strategic marketing and communication goals for various media types. She has helped lead the reorganization of marketing and communication efforts across Oklahoma State University’s campus and the implementation of new and innovative ways to reach OSU’s target audiences.  

Her current work includes oversight of institutional brand identity, community management, digital media strategies, app development, OSU’s web presence and more.

She has a BFA degree in graphic design from Cameron University and an MBA from Oklahoma State University. Megan’s top 5 Gallup strengths are: Strategic, Woo, Positivity, Achiever and Arranger. She is a foodie, loves to paint, lives to travel and would prefer to be outdoors 99 percent of the time if weather permitted.Tweet to Megan.

Morten Dal 

Morten DalMorten Dal is a customer success manager at Microsoft since Feb. 2019, where he assists enterprises in their efforts executing and benefitting fully from their digital transformation processes. An experienced corporate communications manager, Morten won three international awards in London, Berlin and Sydney in 2017 for best worldwide digital workspace transformation and global people engagement for his work at PANDORA. With more than 15 years of global corporate communications and leadership development experience, derived from industries such as biotech, food & beverages, insurance and banking, he is also a certified and experienced strategic leadership communication advisor with a strong track record of successfully training hundreds of executives and managers, and is serving as officially appointed examiner at universities and business schools in Denmark. Morten is certified and trained in Prosci ADKAR Change Management program.

Outside of work, Morten is a keen tennis player and captain. He loves spending time with his three children and partner. Tweet to Morten.

Nathalie Latourelle

Nathalie LatourelleNathalie is the digital experience lead at the National Bank of Canada. She has been working in the digital world since 1996 with government, retail/ecommerce industry, NGOs and, for the last five years, the financial sector. 

She strives to define the digital experience that surprises and delights the customer at every touch point.She uses her rallying leadership to set the vision, ease the experience and ensure the coherence within the ecosystem that orchestrates the end-to end DX. 

Creating corporate user-centric digital programs while federating the objectives of sales and operations, IT, marketing and senior management is a continuous goal. It is in that context that last year, for the first time at the bank and in collaboration with partners, she implemented a new project methodology that maximized the contribution of different expertise in Agile mode. 

For 2019, Nathalie’s interests are customization, AI, content as a service (CaaS) within a complete omnichannel strategy and DX measurement. 

Her experience with the different mindsets that evolve in web technologies, marketing and business environment prompted her to seek a coaching certification with International Coach Federation (ICF), to better integrate co-creation, leverage expertise and maximize success in delivery. 

Besides work, she has numerous interests. Be prepared to see her on a motorcycle or a bicycle, skis or snowboards, even on a standup paddle board or simply enjoying friends and family in a winery near Napa Valley, Niagara or in the Périgord. Tweet to Nathalie.

Stacey Blissett-Saavedra

Stacey Blissett-SaavedraStacey is the CIO at the New York City Commission on Human Rights. A highly-esteemed, influential executive, Stacey has more than 20 years experience building, managing and motivating robust technology departments that usher organizations through significant organizational transformations and growth. 

She has a proven track record of successfully driving fiscal improvement, systematic growth and efficiency in highly-matrixed environments for both the private and public sectors. She is capable of establishing and maintaining strong, effective lines of communication that spur cross-departmental collaboration.  

Stacey has demonstrated the ability to create diverse, customer-centric teams that effectively deliver exceptional products and solutions. She has a history as a change agent, capable of orchestrating data-driven strategies to reconstruct businesses into agile, scalable organizations.  

In her spare time Stacey likes to practice the martial art of Karate. Her favorite move is Kakato Geri (Axe Kick). When she is not busy geeking out over technology or perfecting her fighting techniques, Stacey enjoys traveling to other countries to experience different cultures. Tweet to Stacey.