Salesflare just advanced its mission to "kill dumb software" with the introduction of capabilities to its customer relationship management (CRM) platform that enables organizations to enhance leads and connections.

It's an upgrade on artificial intelligence (AI) features the Antwerp, Belgium-based company added in September. Salesflare co-founder Jeroen Corthout said the new capabilities should add a human touch to digital sales processes. Salesflare quantifies potential sales by analyzing huge amounts of data, he said. 

Salesflare launched two features:

  • Hot prospects, which is designed to notify users when a customer is ‘hot’. The feature tracks data from all marketing-sales channels combined. “It's important to prioritize and focus on the opportunities that currently have the largest chance of closing,” Corthout told CMSWire.
  • Warm introductions, which shows which people your colleagues know at a company and how well they know them. “It makes sure salespeople can quickly understand how their company is connected to a prospect and their best way towards success,” Corthout added.

What Makes This Different

The hot prospects functionality is similar to the lead scoring capabilities that already exist in many CRM applications. Its predictions are, however, based on larger and more comprehensive sets of data from all sales and marketing channels, Corthout said. 

Warm introductions enables Salesflare to analyze social networks, LinkedIn, emails, meeting patterns and telephone call patterns, and identifies who might provide a useful introduction to a potential client

“In a digitized world, sales is becoming less and less personal. Salesflare tries to bring back the human touch based on data from these digitized sales interactions. sales people now get alerts of when customers show interest,” Corthout said.

Learning Opportunities

“We launched these features now, because it has established the data pool to make this happen. This data pool is based on automatic info from emails, calendar, phone, social media, company databases, email and web tracking, and more.”

Salesflare’s CRM is all about accessing and using automatic data. For the salesperson, this means inputting data should be the exception rather than the rule.

“Artificial intelligence is the lines between the dots. If the dots are wrong, the lines are wrong. This is where Salesflare makes the difference: by getting the dots right first,” he added.


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