Customer Experience, Oracle Eloqua Fall Update Enables Facebook Custom Audiences Targeting
The fall update for Oracle's Eloqua marketing automation tool includes integration with Facebook Custom Audiences for improved targeting, expanded partnerships in its AppCloud and a continued march towards integration.

Eloqua Social Media Targeting

Not only will Eloqua allow companies to be more precise when targeting people on Facebook, the fall update will also improve how the system targets people via display ads. By closely connecting marketing campaigns to even more channels like social media and display ads, companies can optimize campaigns and see better results faster.

"When Eloqua came into the Oracle family, we started integrating with social first, and that stage is now complete," John Stetic, VP products at Oracle Eloqua, said in an interview.

Specifically, Eloqua can now take advantage of Facebook Custom Audiences, a tool that can target specific people. Instead of blanketing a marketing message across a much wider audience, companies can use their customer lists to filter out particular groups who should or should not see a given ad.

For example, if a company wants to target existing customers on Facebook with a special offer, it can do so with the Custom Audiences tool. Likewise, if that company wishes to exclude its customers from a particular offer, it can do that as well.

A tool called AdFocus is now available for creating, managing and measuring campaigns in display ads. AdFocus debuted nearly a year ago, and companies that have been beta testing it are now starting to see click through rates of over 50 percent, John Stetic, Vice President Products, Oracle Eloqua said in an interview.

Additionally, AdFocus allows companies to provide dynamic or personalized ads based on their persona and activity even if they are anonymous visitors.

"Adfocus has been quite a journey with the year long beta," Stetic said. "We can capture social link tracking and can feed more data into Eloqua so marketers can gain true multichannel ability."

AppCloud + Social Cloud Updates

Updates to Eloqua's AppCloud includes 20 new partners, and over 100 apps now available for a variety of needs. Now that Oracle's social tools have been integrated with Eloqua, other AppCloud apps will be forthcoming that focus more on Web content management, Stetic said. The next integration steps will aslo include a deeper focus on the Oracle Sales cloud for things like sales prediction, he noted.

Oracle's Social Cloud continues to take shape as Eloqua becomes more tightly integrated, and added capabilities include better tracking of social activities for a more complete customer profile. The Facebook integration comes into play in this deeper Oracle Social Cloud integration, part of what the company calls its Social Relationship Management suite.

Learning Opportunities

There's also an update to the Eloqua Profiler. It will now provide marketers with a more intuitive look and feel of prospect views. Not only will this view include emails and forms, but also any external assets stored in Eloqua. This is right in line with erasing the myth of multichannel marketing, and making it a reality Kevin Akeroyd, GM of Oracle Marketing Cloud said at the Eloqua Experience conference.

Eloqua Experience is being held for the first time under the Oracle banner in 2013, and as such, the number of attendees is expected to hit 2000 this year. That's nearly double what the event held a year ago, and it should hold plenty of interest for sophisticated marketers who need to learn more about Eloqua, but also how it fits into Oracle's larger plans.

Two more updates in the Eloqua Fall release are an added central marketing calendar and an integrated sales and marketing funnel. This funnel view offers a glimpse of pipeline performance like historical metrics including different time spans and conditions. Again, more data to help marketers nurture customers along their journeys.

"Customer journey mapping is baked into Eloqua, and the underlying customer data allows marketers to move from here to there along that journey, and then start taking those next steps," Akeroyd said.

All of these additions add up to one thing, a true marketing powerhouse. However, we all know that it can be the little things that really make these kinds of tools successful or not.

Oracle is all about offering its customers entire suites of offerings, and it still feels to us that we aren't quite there yet with Eloqua. It's been an interesting year since Oracle bought it, but it will likely be another year before we really see its full value in a more comprehensive way.

Image Credit: arka38 / Shutterstock