YouTube has overhauled one of its most popular developer resources by adding new functions and simpler controls to its Data API.

The Data API v3.0 has been integrated with Google's common API infrastructure, and developers have a more precise way in which to help people find exactly the videos they are looking for. 

Search Improved, XML Tossed in Favor of JSON

Instead of searching YouTube for keywords, the Data 3.0 API allows developers to use a tool based on the Freebase data set. Freebase topic ID's are used instead of keywords, and that should help video searches be a bit less ambiguous.

Additionally, YouTube has added a universal search tool that can pull in channels, playlists and videos matching the topic with just one request. It's a way to make robust searches more quickly with less moving parts to do it.

That's also the reason YouTube has chosen the JSON format over XML encoding like in previous versions of the Data API. JSON encoding is a bit more efficient than XML, and is gaining in popularity as a Web technology.

YouTube Even More Social

Who doesn't like sharing videos? It's what makes videos go viral, so beefing up YouTube's social media sharing tools looks like it was one of the Data API team's top priorities. Version 3 includes the ability for apps to post bulletins that go out to all of a channel's subscribers. Furthermore, there's a new subscriber list management tool that pulls in data from all of a channels's subscribers.

YouTube's changes are right in line with Google's recent Google+ updates that integrate more social tools. Google+ is growing with Facebook like speed, and these new YouTube additions play nicely with that social concept.

Pixability is one company that has already integrated the new Data API, and the YouTube marketing company has updated its video grading tool with v3.0.