Digital marketing is driven by data, and every component in marketing is increasingly enhanced by data analysis. This week, London-based Brandworkz improved its digital asset management (DAM) system with a self-service data analytics dashboard called Smarter.DAM that can be used to monitor marketing activities and campaigns as well as digital assets.

The offering, part of a partnership with Differentia Consulting, uses performance data from the cloud-based DAM platform and issues an audit trail and analytics through a single view of assets, marketing activities and campaigns.

Qlikview Discovery Platform

Brandworkz is a provider of brand management software, including DAM, web and print production, approval workflow and marketing production management. The new Differentia partnership extends the existing reporting and analytics capabilities in its DAM system.

The Smarter.DAM dashboard is powered by Differentia's Qlikview in-memory business discovery platform. Differentia also offers a Smarter.DCIM dashboard application for data center managers, Smarter.PMO for project managers, and Smarter.WFM for human resources, among other application layers.

Anna Cotton, head of marketing at Brandworkz, told CMSWire that this alliance with Differentia, the first her company has undertaken with another software platform, was driven by "a genuine need by marketers for data and analytics around all areas of marketing."

Regulated Industries

While most DAM systems offer analytics, Cotton said this one provides analysis for related marketing activities and not just isolated DAM performance. "Marketing is often fragmented and buried in different repositories," she said, making it "very difficult to implement and monitor KPIs [key performance indicators] in real time."

Smarter.DAM is the first step in the company's effort to provide a central dashboard that can monitor email marketing, marketing automation, web analytics, social media and online ads, in addition to digital assets and asset-related marketing and campaigns.

Aside from central management of marketing data, Cotton also pointed to organizations in regulated industries that have to demonstrate "they have strong governance in place when creating or publishing customer communications."

As an example, she noted that the financial services industry in the UK has strict advertising compliance rules governing workflow management in a DAM system to enable necessary approvals for customer-facing communications. The new dashboard, Cotton said, can report throughout the process if reporting goals are being met.