CX continues to adapt to AI's rise in popularity. 

This adaptation was an important focus this week with the 2023 Adobe Summit. We also discussed the growth of existing AI in ChatGPT as well as how to effectively analyze CX metrics. 

Adapting Customer Experience to AI Advancements

Let's take a glance through the highlights from CMSWire's past week:

CMSWire Connect: May 10-12, Austin, Texas

You did know we're bound for the Lone Star State, right? CMSWire is holding its first in-person conference since November 2019 when it brings CMSWire Connect to Austin, Texas May 10-12. 

Here's our Session of the Week:

[Master Class] From Theory to Practice: A Hands-On Masterclass on Employee Engagement Strategies and Implementation

In this masterclass, Tom DeWitt, Ph.D., director of customer experience management at Michigan State University will present a comprehensive employee engagement approach incorporating a 15-measurement scoring system. Through practical implementations and strategies, Dr. DeWitt will guide leaders on how to structure their internal systems and communicate for optimal employee engagement. The session will be hands-on, with real-time examples and best practices from years of research.

Learning Opportunities

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