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Business favors the (calculated) risk-takers. Are you finding the right information to feed your calculations? We have you covered. Last week on CMSWire, we discussed Dreamforce, customer journey mapping limitations, Office 365 agility, collaboration skills and much more. Get your weekly download of ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), below.

Quick, Give Me the Headlines:

  • Salesforce hosted Dreamforce on November 6-9 in San Francisco. More than 150,000 “Trailblazers” (a name Salesforce has given its users) were in attendance. Biggest takeaways were: Saleforce and Google Cloud partnership, Quip among others.

  • “The three primary limitations of customer journey mapping fall into two main categories: focusing on, and over-reliance in, the wrong things.”  Here is how to avoid these common pitfalls.

  • Don't go chasing waterfall (development processes). Office 365 has gone agile but most businesses are focusing on what’s currently available, as opposed to developing their own technology roadmap.

  • GDPR is going to force marketers to evolve in the forms of inbound lead generation, consent management, database providers, online re-targeting and web analytics. It’s a good thing marketers are a flexible group.

  • As you probably know by now, collaboration takes hard work. Here are 3 skills you need for a practically seamless collaborative workplace environment.

  • "The emergence of AR and VR systems will usher in a shift in the way people interact.” While managing your virtual and augmented reality content, the best rule of thumb is to focus on the user experience.

  • As customers demand convenience and customer experience, your business may be navigating switching to headless CMS. Here’s how to prep for that transition.

  • Are you a CIO? Are you asking yourself these four questions? You should be.

  • Calling all data professionals! It is time you get a seat at the table. Find out how in this article (hint: it involves more than sitting behind your desk).

  • There’s a month and a half until 2018, so yeah, I guess you can say it's getting pretty serious. Check out these 8 things internal auditors should avoid in the new year.     

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