What did you miss last week on CMSWire? Check out these highlights if you didn't get a chance to read everything. We talked about Web3, how Google TOPICS will impact the analytics ecosystem and dove in further to learn more about the FTC’s children’s data complaint against WW International and its impact on marketers. 

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Quick, Give Me the Headlines:

  • TikTok's Golden Opportunity Alex Kantrowitz | March 21. TikTok has a once-in-a-lifetime potential to grab market share away from Facebook.
  • Web3 Crypto: A Decentralized Utopia or Dystopia? Lesley Harrison | March 21. Cryptography and Web3 have become more difficult to avoid in recent months. From the renaming of the historic Staples Center to the Crypto.com Arena to the record-breaking amount of crypto advertisements on the London Underground, crypto fever is a worldwide phenomena.
  • Are Lead Generation Days Over for B2B Marketers? Chitra Iyer | March 22. B2B purchasing nowadays is governed by sophisticated committees that strive to exert more control over the purchasing process. This geographically and functionally dispersed group of purchasers depends on at least 10 digital sources to raise pre-purchase awareness and inform decision-making before making a purchase choice.
  • How Google TOPICS Impacts the Analytics Ecosystem for Marketers Pierre DeBois | March 22.  Google said on Jan. 25 that it will no longer use third-party cookies for its digital advertising and analytics products.
  • How Web3 Changes the Content Model Scott Clark | March 24. Web3's planned design has yet to be completed, although its decentralized nature is a key component. Web3's content models also return power to content creators and users.
  • How the FTC's Children's Data Collection Complaint Against WW Impacts Marketers Dom Nicastro | March 24. The FTC and DOJ's case against WW International for selling a weight reduction app to young children and collecting their personal information without parental consent should serve as a wake-up call for marketers.

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