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LiveHive wants your business — really badly.

So badly, it will pay the balance of your current annual contract with your sales acceleration vendor if you switch to LiveHive's platform. 

The San Jose, Calif., provider today unveiled a program that allows enterprises to ditch their current vendors and hop onto LiveHive's sales acceleration platform without any cancellation costs. If there are any, LiveHive's got the tab.

“With our customers achieving a 100 percent increase in ‘quality connects,’ we are confident that sales organizations will prefer our sales acceleration platform over any other solution available on the market,” Suresh Balasubramanian, CEO of LiveHive boldy said in a statement. “Therefore, we are making this unprecedented buyout offer to companies that switch from a competing sales solution to LiveHive. We are excited to launch this program.”

Better Than?

Every once in a while software vendors will call out competitors as "lacking" or "behind" their own capabilities. Less often, they'll bring in competitors literally into their sales program, like LiveHive today. 

This reminds of us OpenText's move back in November. The Waterloo, Ontario-based enterprise information management provider offered customers special deals if they left their current provider for OpenText. OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea said at the company's annual conference in Orlando, Fla. in November that the company was offering customers of nine of its leading competitors special deals to adopt one of OpenText's five EIM suites — content, process, experience, information exchange or discovery.

Platform Update

As for LiveHive, the company timed its announcement with the release of LiveHive SmartPath, automated email sequencing delivered on a single sales acceleration platform. 

The platform is integrated with multiple cloud services, including Salesforce, according to LiveHive officials. They promise the sales software will:

  • Improve email effectiveness
  • Simplify sales follow up
  • Drive sales rep productivity by scheduling and delivering follow-up emails based on prospect engagement

LiveHive is giving enterprises a free 14-day trial. 

It's no wonder why LiveHive wants to gain market share in the sales acceleration technology space. 

There will be a $30 billion market for sales acceleration technologies by 2017, according to Gartner Group, Aberdeen, ABI Research and many others. Vendors are taking advantage of 33 billion Internet-connected devices, which are expected to be operational in the market by 2020 generating all sorts of data and revenue. 

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