MParticle, a customer data platform (CDP) provider, has released Journeys, a new generation of its audience toolset. The new product is designed to enhance each phase of the customer experience. Multi-path journey testing and orchestration in a single process enables enterprises to continuously enhance the customer journey and provide customized experiences at critical points, according to company officials. 

“Journey Builder is the core of this release, giving brands a visual interface to map out key milestones within a cross-channel journey and to control which experiences customers receive at each of these milestones, via Journey Integrations,” Chee Chew, chief product officer of mParticle, told CMSWire.

Journeys Includes Analytics, Builder, Integrations

  • Journey Analytics: Powered by Indicative, improve customer context through reporting capabilities focusing on multi-path journey analysis.
  • Journey Builder: Design multi-stage journeys with a visual interface. Using cross-channel behavioral events or user data, define key milestones and sequences within the customer journey.
  • Journey Integrations: Continuously sync audiences in real-time to any of mParticle's Audience API partners such as Meta, Twitter, Braze, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Google and more who deliver the last-mile ads, messaging and media experiences.

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Tailoring Customer Experience in Chat, Other Channels

Using Journeys, a company can map out the sequence and kind of experiences customers will have as they go from one touchpoint to the next, giving them additional context about the consumer as they move through the journey. Client service representatives may use this information to tailor the experience when they chat with a customer, for example, since they know they've seen/received experiences A and B and C, according to Chew.

By understanding and taking into account the larger context, each of these groups may fine tune their micro-journeys to better fit their campaigns. If, for example, a retention marketer knows that the consumer has gone through X, Y, and Z experiences, they may send an altogether different set of emails.

MParticle officials predict that marketing teams will benefit mostly from Journeys, since they have the most to gain from integrated experiences and personalized advertising based on customer journey contexts.

Chew said mParticle believes these batches of marketers need these types of capabilities:

  • Digital marketers: performance marketers and media buyers
  • Conversion marketers: onsite personalization and adoption managers
  • Retention and loyalty marketers: CRM managers, loyalty managers, customer advocates

“All customer facing teams will benefit," Chew said. "If we think about creating optimal customer journeys for the entire customer lifecycle, customers will interact with nearly every single brand surface across their lifetime, from digital ads to the website, from mobile apps to customer service hotlines. Each of these touchpoints represents a department within an organization, who previously to Journeys, managed their own journeys in silos, with no throughline connecting the disparate customer experiences. Journeys unify the entire organization by giving brands tight control over the exact kinds of experiences a customer receives throughout their lifetime. Customer facing teams can include marketing, product managers of apps/websites, customer support, and in-store managers,” says Chew.

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Learning Opportunities

What’s in Store for Journeys?

There are many fundamental principles that guide mParticle's strategy for Journeys:

  • Enabling customers to operate at scale, by making it easier and cost-effective to build journeys
  • Adding complexity to journeys, by giving brands control over how journeys start, split, flow and end
  • Experimentation, by expanding on A/B/n and multivariate testing capabilities
  • Analytics and visualization, by incorporating more journey insights out-of-the-box within the mParticle platform

A premium element of the mParticle platform, the real-time Audience calculation engine, is used by Journeys. As part of the platform, real-time Audiences customers will be given access to Journeys. Journeys is now available to current clients with real-time Audiences.

Additional expenditures are planned for 2022 for Journeys, which is now in beta with a limited number of clients. 

MParticle is coming off an April 26 release of Lifetime Profiles, launched to assist marketers in customizing every step of their consumers' journeys across time. When utilizing mParticle, brands can create customized experiences for infrequent and seasonal consumers, as well as reactivation efforts. With the ability to construct real-time Audiences based on customers' lifetime profiles, mParticle expands on its Profile Reengagement capabilities.

Since mParticle can both retain and exploit past data about a customer, marketers may orchestrate journeys that span many years. It is a common use case to organize customer interactions across channels once a consumer achieves new loyalty status.

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