Optimizely, which provides a digital experience platform, recently unveiled new product updates during its annual event, Opticon.

Justin Anovick, chief product officer for Optimizely, previewed Optimizely’s upcoming product roadmap including its new Orchestrate solution, combining its three products: Content Marketing (CMP), Content Management (CMS) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) – into a comprehensive offering.

Optimizely also released Real-Time Segmentation, which allows marketers to segment customers in the moment of engagement.

“For Optimizely, DXP is all about being better together — so that every team is unlimited in what they can accomplish,” Anovick said during his keynote. “Having acquired five companies over the past few years, it’s one-dimensional to view our recent work simply as ‘the whole is better than the sum of its parts.’ Because we understand that it’s not just about the totality of our different capabilities — it’s also about what each individual component brings to the table.”

In other customer experience and digital marketing software news ...

Qualtrics Announces Real-Time Contact Center Solutions

Qualtrics, an experience management company, has announced new, real-time contact center innovations with the goal to make agents more productive and deliver customer support with empathy. Company officials said Automated Call Summaries and Real-Time Agent Assist will automate post-call work and help contact center agents respond with empathy and speed.

“For many companies, addressing feedback after a customer has had a poor experience is not enough to salvage the relationship. Organizations need to guide and orchestrate experiences in real time and that starts on the front line,” Brad Anderson, Qualtrics’ president of products and engineering, said in a statement. “These new contact center solutions save agents time and arm them with the information and coaching they need to deliver more efficient and empathetic customer service.”

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Clearspeed Lands $27M for Expansion

Clearspeed, a voice analytics provider, announced it closed $27 million in Series C funding led by investors Ian McKinnon and Thomas O’Malley Jr. This latest round brings the company’s total funds raised to $50 million.

“We are absolutely delighted with the support from our investors who see the impact Clearspeed’s customers are realizing through faster, easier and radically more accurate risk assessment,” Alex Martin, co-founder and chief executive officer of Clearspeed, said in a statement. “With this funding we will meet the rising demand for our innovative technology and expand our product suite.”

Company officials said this most recent infusion of cash will go toward commercial expansion and that Thomas O’Malley Jr. of PilotRock and Ian McKinnon of Sandia have been appointed to Clearspeed’s Board of Directors, effective upon closing of the investment. Jeff Williams, operating partner at Bain Capital Ventures, will also be joining as an investor and Board Advisor. 

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Juno Raises $18M for Growth

Juno, a crypto digital banking firm, has announced it raised $18M in a Series A round funding led by ParaFi Capital’s Growth Fund. Company officials said the money will be used to expand its digital banking product suite and launch a tokenized loyalty program.

"We at ParaFi Capital are glad to partner with the team at Juno. They are one of the very few teams we have come across who deeply understand both fintech and crypto,” Varun Deshpande, co-founder and CEO at Juno, said in a statement. “Seamlessly integrating crypto and Web3 in a checking account which is a trusted and familiar interface for millions of Americans can help onboard new users to Web3.”

Regie.ai Closes $10M to Solve Challenges Using AI

Regie.ai, a GPT-3 powered SaaS platform, has announced that it has raised $10 million in Series A funding led by Scale Venture Partners. Company officials said the funds will be used for product development as the company continues to add features to its platform.

Learning Opportunities

“Regie.ai has solved one of the biggest pain points for all businesses — how to handle their content so that they can communicate better with customers,” Srinath Sridhar, CEO and co-founder of Regie.ai said in a statement. “We’re applying highly advanced generative AI systems to optimize all of the content workflows for go-to-market teams and make copy creation not only more efficient but more impactful.”

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Omantel Partners to Develop Arabic-Speaking Omnichannel Virtual Agents

Omantel, a telecommunications provider in Oman, Spitch, a conversational AI company, and Datalyticx, an Omani-based startup, announced they will join forces in developing and launching Arabic-speaking omnichannel virtual assistants in an effort to boost customer service and efficiency in Omantel contact centers.

"Omantel is on a mission to provide unparalleled communication solutions and this partnership will enable our customers and employees to be on the forefront of Conversational AI and the benefits it provides," Aladdin Abdullah Hassan Baitfadhil, chief commercial officer at Omantel, said in a statement.

According to company officials, customers will benefit from the virtual assistants’ ability to provide information and handle large volumes of customer calls automatically without having to wait on the line. 

6sense Updates Platform

6sense, a B2B account-based marketing platform, recently announced new product updates to its platform during its fourth annual customer conference, 6sense Breakthrough. They include conversational email, contextual advertising and an inclusive technology ecosystem.

“B2B companies are losing revenue opportunities and leaving money on the table," Jason Zintak, 6sense CEO, said in a statement. "To deliver a better buying experience in today’s selling environment, it’s imperative to leverage AI along with pre-intent data, intent data, and predictive analytics to know which accounts are in market to buy your product or service, when and how to target them, and what messages to deliver to best engage.”

SmartMedia Technologies Acquires 3 Companies for Web3

SmartMedia Technologies, a platform for enterprise Web3 and metaverse solutions, has announced the global acquisition of three industry players in Web3: BLOCKv Solutions, Geronimo and Austella.

Company officials said the acquired companies will now operate under the SmartMedia Technologies brand and serve to expand their end-to-end Web3, Metaverse and NFT offerings across APAC and Europe.

“When SMT was created in 2019, our goal was to build the most advanced enterprise engagement platform by bringing the best and brightest in Web3 to our team,” Tyler Moebius, CEO of SmartMedia Technologies, said in a statement. “Our enterprise clients demand an end-to-end, purpose-built solution, spanning technology and services; and they need it globally. They also need the expertise and technology capabilities to bridge the chasm between what they're doing in Web2 to Web3. These acquisitions significantly boost the talent on our team, extend our platform features and ultimately accelerate our ability to deliver better business outcomes leveraging the power of Web3.”

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