Pegasystems announced the launch of version 8.7 of its Pega Infinity software package, which features updates in low-code, automation, artificial intelligence and cloud architecture.

“New intelligent, low-code upgrades to Pega’s core software suite help brands innovate faster and improve experiences for employees and customers,” Don Schuerman, chief technology officer at Pega, told CMSWire.

AI Capabilities Enhance Automation, Development

This 8.7 version allows enterprises to develop more quickly and at a larger scale, according to Schuerman. New artificial intelligence capabilities assist firms in identifying inefficiencies in their work processes and learning from previous data in order to automate labor. The update caters to professional developers and citizen developers.

“Service agents benefit from improved job experiences to provide optimal customer service," Schuerman said. "Overall, all employees are able to do their jobs better and more effectively, and customers in turn get the best, most innovative brand experiences, getting what they need, where and when they need it."

The updated software suite is available now.

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New Versions of Pega Suite Apps

Pega is updating within its suite Pega Platform, Pega Customer Decision Hub and Pega Customer Service apps. They include new design systems and technology for rendering user experiences, as well as new artificial intelligence technologies for process optimization, customer decisioning and voice analytics.

Learning Opportunities

"Pega Infinity’s biggest differentiator is that it provides a complete platform that is designed to operate across an entire organization to drive optimal results," Schuerman said. "With Pega Infinity 8.7, Pega provides the richest suite of applied AI capabilities across any unified engagement, service, and workflow platform. Organizations can personalize engagement with omnichannel, real-time next-best-actions, simplify and automate service with conversational AI capabilities, and optimize efficiency and effectiveness of workflow automations with Pega Process AI."

What’s Next for Pega?

According to Schuerman, Pega will continue to work on making AI-powered decisions and automate workflows. In the future, they will use AI more to improve processes. They will also make sure AI is used in a way that can be explained and controlled.

Pega plans to build out its cloud technology infrastructure and provide best practices and training that businesses need to be able to use low code at a large scale.

Pega is coming off updates to Pega Voice and Messaging AI last month that include Conversational AI capabilities that help listen to live phone and chat conversations, analyzing intent and recommending next steps.

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