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  • AI integration. Totango announces its new integration of generative AI.
  • Partnership with Jasper. Totango has partnered with Jasper, a large generative AI company, to achieve these new features.
  • AI use in CX. By integrating AI, Totango aims to boost efficiency and create a more seamless CX.

Totango, Inc. has made two major announcements today. The composable customer success company is introducing its first generative AI enhancements and will be doing so in its new partnership with

Generative AI has recently exploded in both capabilities and popularity — Totango recognizes the potential of harnessing this in a CX context. By integrating, Totango gains the ability to create a smoother customer experience.

“We are focused on enabling responsible development and adoption of AI to enhance the value of CS while protecting brand and enterprise data. Our partnership with Jasper enables a powerful boost in content creation consistent with the brand voice of each customer,” Alistair Rennie, CEO of Totango, said in a statement. 

Overview of Totango and

Tontago, Inc. is a composable customer success platform built on a modular foundation. It focuses largely on ease and efficiency of use, especially in terms of scalability. Some of its features include Custom Metrics and Customer Health Score. It is capable of integrating a variety of applications, such as Slack, MySQL, Google Cloud Storage and more.

Jasper is an AI platform geared toward businesses — its focus is on content generation for creators and marketing teams. It offers a variety of features, such as Jasper Chat, a Chrome extension and Surfer SEO Integration. It can also process and generate content in 29-plus languages. 

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What Will These Changes Bring to CX?

It’s an exciting time for all things AI. What exactly will AI change with this partnership and these new integrations? Rennie explained some of Totango’s new AI features:

One important feature is “The ability to use natural language queries/prompts to surface critical information from customer accounts, or to generate code needed to connect Totango to other systems,” he told CMSWire. “For example, users can ask Totango in plain language chat to surface a group of customer profiles who share common characteristics such as low health scores, decreased product utilization, or increased support tickets,” he added.

Totango New TasksPage

Learning Opportunities

According to the release, Totango’s users will also be able to generate’s content directly from the Totango user interface. Totango’s announcement focused on speed, as well. As stated in the release, Totango’s integration of Jasper will allow users to “create personalized content 10X faster and train AI to customize content based on company information, style guide, and brand voice.” This increase in speed will grant customer service team members more time, allowing them to give customers more focus and personalized attention.

Totango partners with

What’s next for Totango and the partnership? Rennie told CMSWire that the company plans to integrate more generative AI features “over the next several quarters, based on feedback from our customers.”

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Availability & Other Details

In the press release, Totango states that these new features will be rolled out to “select, long-time customers first, in Q2.” Access for other customers is not specified. 

Pricing is decided on a case-by-case basis and is available by contacting Tontango sales. As Rennie told CMSWire, pricing “is based on seat licenses (type and volume), volume of accounts managed, and utilization of enterprise add-on capabilities.”

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