Twitter has a new tool for brands that want to get their product promotions front and center.

In a blog post today, the social networking platform unveiled First View, which gives advertisers a prime showcase for videos by making them the first thing a user sees when launching the Twitter app or website.

A Top Spot

For 24 hours, a First View video (the service is only doing ads for now) will jump to the front of the queue, which could do wonders for views from of a lot of eyeballs. Twitter didn’t indicate what the pricing structure would be for such prominent placement.

Twitter cited the platform’s ability to be a strong driver of word-of-mouth dialogue and general buzz as a raison d'être for the new product. The timing for such an announcement is critical with a lot at stake for Twitter, whose stock price has been hitting an all-time lows this week.

Wanted: A Turnaround Strategy

Twitter has been under quite a bit of pressure to turn things around. The company had a recent departure of top executives and took fire for rumors that it was going to drastically revamp the timeline to include more curation.

Learning Opportunities

While this move might be a nice moneymaker, its effectiveness will only make a difference if it’s part of a larger strategy to get more users on Twitter. Twitter has struggled to ramp up its user growth, and that has proven to be a difficult problem to solve. Twitter’s firehose of information and the large ranks of trolls can make it seem like an intimidating place.

Shares of the company have been on a rapid descent, dipping to $14.55 a share today. The company is set to announce its fourth quarter and full-year earnings tomorrow. 

But  investors don’t seem to have a ton of confidence about any rapid growth coming to the user base. Splashy new ads may be nice, but they won’t do Twitter much good if there aren’t enough people to watch them.