Lisa Loftis, CMSWire top contributor of 2017

2017 Contributors of the Year: Lisa Loftis

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An interview with Lisa Loftis, one of CMSWire's top contributors of the year

As principal consultant in the SAS Best Practices Group, Lisa Loftis helps clients across a range of industries improve their customer focus. Long before most companies realized the importance of becoming "customer-centric," Loftis advocated that approach. In fact, she literally wrote the book on it. Loftis co-wrote "Building the Customer-Centric Enterprise" in 2001 and businesses have been playing catch-up ever since.

In her articles, Loftis urges businesses to treat data as they would any other valuable business asset, with proper strategy, management and governance. 

Data Transparency Becomes the Norm 

What’s your proudest accomplishment — professional or personal — of 2017?

Training for and completing a six day bicycling adventure in the Pyrenees mountains of Spain and France.

What unrelated skill or piece of knowledge has helped you with your current work?

Over 25 years of strategic consulting work across a variety of disciplines which teaches the ability to listen, observe and cut though the noise find the critical factors influencing success across a wide variety of problem sets.

What conversation would you like to see your industry have in 2018?

I would like to see CMOs, CXOs and CDOs figure out how to communicate the value inherent in analytics not only to their peers within organizations, but also to the customers they are serving. I believe that more transparency in what data is collected and how it is used would go a long way towards communicating value and building customer trust.

Learning Opportunities

What trend or story will you be following in 2018?

I will be very interested to see the impact that GDPR has on digital transformation, customer experience and marketing for all companies regardless of whether they fall under the direct jurisdiction of the regulation. I believe that as companies start to provide the transparency and data protections required, we will see an overall shift in customer expectations towards more of the same from every company they do business with — meaning transparency and data protection will ultimately become as ubiquitous as online commerce.   

If you could give 20-year-old you some advice, what would it be?

You are the most important generation. The future of the world rests with you and as your propensity to feel strongly about social causes illustrates, you have the power and inclination to halt the worldwide skid towards bigotry, intolerance and nationalism. Please take this seriously and utilize your collective energy, intellect and compassion to put us back on the right track. You can do it — I have faith!

Speed round!

  1. Name one tech trend you got wrong. Thinking that the cloud with its open APIs would help alleviate the data silo and integration problem that marketers face today.  
  2. If you could switch places with someone else for a day, who would it be? Hillary Clinton.
  3. What one song always puts you in a good mood? Bruce Springsteen – "Born To Run."