The greatest minds in business and the most inspiring voices of our generation are coming together for three days in San Francisco. Dreamforce is happening Sept. 20-22 for learning, fun connection and giving back.

With over 1,000 scheduled sessions, the latest industry innovations and ideas for automation will be on display. The event is more than a Salesforce conference; Dreamforce is an experience like no other. With a reputation for dropping major announcements and surprising guests with innovative ways of thinking, my mind has been wandering for weeks about the possibilities of Dreamforce 2022. 

This article will detail five exciting things to look out for at Dreamforce:

Slack Product Strategy

Salesforce acquired Slack in July 2021. With its engaging functionality, teams can connect in a collaborative workspace, helping to increase productivity and sales. In addition to the internal benefits teams realize, they also experience valuable connections with external partners, inherently helping to grow their businesses.

Given the power of the platform in its current state, this brings curiosity as to how Slack will be further integrated into the core Salesforce products. Will it replace the Chatter collaboration tool inside the core cloud products to become the primary method of collaboration within all Salesforce apps? Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield is slated to speak, so hopefully he can provide some valuable insight into these questions and more.

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Industry Cloud Updates

Salesforce is known for its verticalized solutions built by industry experts for industry experts. Financial services, health, consumer goods, manufacturing, public sector, communication, media and energy and utilities are just a few sectors served.

It will be interesting to see if they will unveil new capabilities and features that will be added to the existing suite of industry cloud products at Dreamforce. If so, what will they be? Will any new industry clouds be introduced? Will Salesforce incorporate Vlocity utilities into the core platform? We will have to wait and see!

Employee Experience Solutions

Since the pandemic, Salesforce has introduced and evolved the product from a COVID/contact tracing management tool into an employee portal solution. This product exhibits the transformative power of technology and its impact on the workforce. Its focus on employees and management helps to boost productivity, by offering solutions that bridge gaps in one single hub.

It will be interesting to further track the progression of this product, with the potential to evolve into a full-fledged HR solution.

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Learning Opportunities

Remote Selling

Given the shift to more remote selling during the pandemic, will Salesforce make any interesting updates to its original product, Sales Cloud? The question is whether they create, or add new features, like the ability to launch and manage digital sales rooms.

Other companies have adopted digital sales rooms, which are online spaces where B2B companies can share information and resources with their buyers to enable a streamlined buying experience. Creating a secure space within the Salesforce platform with enhanced collaboration features could take the buyer-seller experience to the next level. The ease of sharing documents and other information in a centralized space allows all parties to work together throughout all stages of a deal.

Will Salesforce be jumping on the digital sales room trend?

New Product or Acquisition Announcements

To say that Dreamforce is buzzworthy might be an understatement. What makes the event so exciting is the anticipation swirling around what may happen.

In the past, Dreamforce has served as the launching pad for new products, while also serving as the place where new acquisitions are announced. The promise of new platform capabilities through the acquisition of new products is always invigorating.

Dreaming of Dreamforce

Dreamforce is an exciting time for not only Salesforce users and enthusiasts, but forward thinkers and innovators alike. Guests get the opportunity to be inspired by exhilarating speakers and connect with folks from all walks of life in one exciting place.

There may be an agenda for Dreamforce, but the event always manages to pack a few surprises. I can’t wait to find out more about the Slack product strategy, Industry Cloud updates, employee experience solutions, the possibility of digital sales rooms and any new acquisition announcements. 

With Dreamforce only a few days away, I look forward to getting answers to these and many other questions that have piqued my curiosity!

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