Adobe launched a revamp to its marketing cloud service yesterday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that aims to make building and managing applications a lot easier.

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile promises developers a quicker path to rich functionality via integrations with some key services in Adobe Marketing Cloud and Creative Cloud. 

Ray Pun, strategic marketing lead of mobile solutions at Adobe Marketing Cloud, said a lot of companies rush into launching their apps and thus face challenges in retention and engagement. With Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, the company hopes to help businesses make better apps — and maintain them once they're live. Under Armour and Hartford Funds have already adopted the tool.

Building on Digital Publishing Suite

Existing customers of the company's Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) will find some of the functionality in the Experience Manager Mobile familiar, as the release takes directly from both DPS and Experience Manager Apps while adding new capabilities. DPS accounts will be rebranded to Adobe Experience Manager Mobile On-Demand Services, though the company promises no disruption to existing content or apps.  

The release also makes use of last fall's integration of Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics to enable personalization, and offer insight into app performance within a broader marketing context. The company is thinking of the future too, via extensibility through the Apache Cordova framework, which will be available soon. 

Other features include:

Learning Opportunities

  1. Location data: Businesses can collect GPS location data even as apps runs in the background. This allows apps to take advantage of geofencing, sending notifications when customers enter a specific area. Invasive? “Location is one of those things as a consumer you have to opt in to,” Pun said. So make it clear what users are agreeing to.
  2. Deep linking: This will allow marketers to define specific locations in an app to take people to, such as emails, display media or a targeted message.
  3. Messaging: The new service also makes managing messages more consistent.

Ties to the Back End

According to Bridget Roman, senior product marketing manager of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, the new product is designer-focused, meant to improve the workflow of publishing mobile apps.

Developers can design “actionable apps that are more engaging and data-driven” on iOS, Android and Windows.

Experience Manager Mobile ties into a business's existing CMS, allowing marketers to make use of existing assets and content without involving IT. Users can also connect with their CRMs, product information management or enterprise resource planning systems. 

All of this would live in the same place on one dashboard for all the company’s apps. Hundreds of apps can be brought in to AEM Mobile, Pun said.

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