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BlueConic Releases Machine Learning Powered Recommendations Engine

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BlueConic added a new feature to its Customer Data Platform (CDP) which leverages machine learning and proprietary algorithms to produce content and product recommendations for individual prospects.

Cory Munchbach, vice president of marketing for Boston-based BlueConic said the new BlueConic Recommendations Engine serves marketers better than clickbait-based content recommendations intended to target large audiences and monetize them based on clicks.

More than Clickbait

"A lot of tools are essentially generating clickbait with weird headlines and pictures that get people to click through," Munchbach told CMSWire. "It's been more about monetization of audiences based on clicks, and that's been an issue now, particularly with media outlets. Their recommendations are disjointed."

The BlueConic Recommendations Engine layers individual user profile data taken from its CDP with key attributes and metrics to deliver more personalized recommendations.

"We have this individual profile about a person, known or anonymous, with their reading history, browsing history and all this great information and we can make sure the recommendation is tailored to them," Munchbach said. "The big differentiation is this is not aggregate clicking."

BlueConic Recommendations Engine

Munchbach added the tool is "marketing-friendly" because marketers can customize the tool as they wish or even take it straight out of the box.

"It's easy for a marketer to manipulate," she said. 

A 'Logical Extension' of a CDP

The BlueConic Recommendation Engine includes:

  • Automatic collection of all profile, content and statistics data after installation of the BlueConic tag
  • A pluggable, extensible set of algorithms
  • Recommendations that cane be used across channels and devices
  • Out-of-the-box and configurable dashboards to monitor views, clicks and conversions in real time

Bart Heilbron, founder and CEO of BlueConic, said Recommendations "challenges the industry standard in order to help marketers increase customer loyalty and sales." 

Munchbach said the engine was a result of customer feedback. Personalization, she said, is a "key part" of data activation in a CDP, she said. Content and product recommendations served as a "logical extension."

Learning Opportunities

"We can know when people opened things, when they read it, what they care about," Munchbach said. "Those are the behavioral insights you are capturing in a CDP so using it for recommendations was a logical extension."

CDPs Gain Traction

The Customer Data Platform space has seen a surge of interest as of late. 

CDPs will reach $1 billion by 2019, according to Raab Associates. David Rabb, principal of the marketing consultancy coined the term Customer Data Platforms three years ago to describe the new class of marketer controlled, unified customer databases.

Researchers at the Swarthmore, Pa.-based consultancy made the prediction after analyzing 27 CDP vendors who collectively generated more than $300 million in revenue last year. 

The finding is part of a new Customer Data Platform Industry Profile report, released last month by the Customer Data Platform Institute

Raab Associates launched the vendor-driven trade association late last year to educate marketers and marketing technologists about CDPs. BlueConic is one of the institute's original sponsors.

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