Christopher Justice, CEO, High Attendance

Catching Up With Veteran Digital Marketer Christopher Justice

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(First of a two-part series.)

Christopher Justice never seems to stop moving.

From early roles at the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the FBI to later positions at IBM, Joomla, Magnolia and Jahia, he has solidified his reputation as an sales and marketing technology leader with a broad skillset and an appetite for opportunity.

Life After Jahia

After a brief tenure as SVP of worldwide marketing at Geneva, Switzerland-based Jahia, Justice resurfaced in early 2016 as CEO of Austin-based High Attendance. The company markets a content management system for event marketers. 

"I joined Jahia at a great time and built an incredible team. We did amazing things. I like the platform and I’m proud of every person that worked for me," Justice sad. But he added that he "prefers to be responsible for company culture, values, growth and hiring."

"That wasn’t my direct responsibility at Jahia. It is now."

CMS for Event Marketers

Justice formed High Attendance from a combination of three other technology products: a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) digital experience system for the event industry called Leading Reach, which he acquired in 2009 and rebuilt and rebranded as EyeFrame; Captix, an app built for lead retrieval at trade shows; and Overpass, a universal lead capture tool.

"The best way to get humans engaged is to bring them to a place where you can somewhat control their environment. Events and conferences are that 'thing.' We own the experience from registration to check-out. We educate. We connect people. We create memories. High Attendance is software designed for the event manager, the exhibitor and the attendee. Companies use us to build better events. I can’t think of a better role where provide a service and get to attend the event you serve. The food is great and the entertainment is top of the mark," Justice said.

Learning Opportunities

While there's no shortage of CMS platforms, Justice said High Attendance is designed specifically for the event space. "It is a content management system for an exhibitor with build in lead retrieval," he explained. "It’s a pure CMS to measure the digital engagement at events or trade shows."

Less Expensive Event Metrics

Justice said many existing ways to measure attendee behavior at events are cost prohibitive, including Near Field Communication (NFC) and proprietary scanners. "We built an app that will read almost any badge. If it doesn’t, we work with the vendor to make it so. We align this with interactive digital kiosks that can be run on any piece of hardware and enables users to measure the reaction to advertising, content, catalogs. It is a very simple tool but it provides incredible reuse and flexibility for event marketers," he said.

Justice said High Attendance offers tools that track where people engage with an exhibit or a kiosk, identifies which email they opened, whether they viewed the content, watched the video or played the game. "This data is actionable because marketers can see what content is important in face to face or retail environments. All this data gets fed into Salesforce, for example, and marketers can see who has opened what collateral, who has engaged and who has attended what shows over a ten-year period. We track what they read and help you understand if it matters," he said.

Justice said it works with most CRMs and marketing automation systems. "As a side note, I have been a long time advocate of Salesforce and Pardot but we just made a transition to HubSpot. Time will tell but expect HubSpot integration as soon as they give us access to their new API," he said.

(Read Part 2: Christopher Justice shares his perspective on the state of CMS.)

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