Remember that company that invests 100 percent of its resources into one channel to connect with its customers?

Neither do we. 

The mandate to offer compelling digital experiences has never been more of, well, a mandate. 

Look no further than numbers from Forrester Research:

DX Conversation Leaders

Companies have work to do. So do vendors. And so do digital practitioners

It's why CMSWire leads the digital experience conversation. It's also why our founder, Brice Dunwoodie, created the DX Summit conference, which debuted in Chicago last November. 

We're returning to the Windy City this November 14 to 16 — and we're excited to announce that DX Summit 2016 pre-registration is now open. (Act fast, by the way: pre-registration ends May 1). 

We've also launched CMSWire's new DX Summit Website. Practicing what we preach — successful digital experiences — the website provides you with ways to learn about the strategies, technologies and thought leadership attendees will enjoy at the conference. 

What Do We Offer?

Here's what you need to know right now:

Learning Opportunities

CX: Only True Differentiator

I caught up for an interview last month about digital experience with Kevin Cochrane, chief marketing officer at Jahia Solutions, one of our inaugural DX Summit sponsors. Kevin told me that in 2016, CEOs have realized that customer experience is now their brand's only long-term differentiator.

"CMSWire has done just a fantastic job at the DX Summit starting to promote that," said Cochrane. "You are the leading outlet of research along these lines as well."

(I swear in the name of losing my daily coffee Kevin wasn't prodded here). In all seriousness, we value very deeply our relationship with practitioners like Cochrane and providers like Jahia Solutions.

My favorite parts of DX Summit 2015 were the off-stage interactions with digital experience practitioners. The web technologist from Maryland who was trying to improve airport kiosk customer experience. The Montreal banker who asked our content personalization panel the question on everyone's mind: How do you get it done? The digital agency analyst out of Boston who chatted with me about the technology exhibitors during cocktail hour.

We take our jobs to educate and advance the digital experience execution conversation very seriously. We're honored to host Round 2 of the DX Summit. See you at Chicago in November!

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