This morning Gigya unveiled Enterprise Preference Manager, a new product aimed at helping brands reestablish consumer trust while at the same time maintaining compliance with forthcoming data protection regulations such as the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The news comes shortly after the announcement that software giant SAP would acquire the Palo Alto, Calif-based provider of customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions. 

Gigya Aims to Rebuild Consumer Trust

Gigya's Enterprise Preference Manager was created to rebuild the deteriorating trust between consumers and brands.

"It was built to help brands regain trust by giving consumers control over their own information," Rashmi Vittal, vice president of product marketing, Gigya told CMSWire.

A recent survey of 4000 United States and United Kingdom residents found most people (68 percent) don’t trust brands with their personal information. Though Gigya sponsored the research, the conclusions are unsurprising.

Think about it: who hasn’t been bombarded by pop-up ads based on their digital footprints or had trouble unsubscribing to email lists they don’t remember signing up for in the first place?  

And while it might be tempting to blame marketers for invading our privacy, most people indiscriminately click “I agree” on terms of service agreements without bothering to read the hundreds or at times thousands of words of fine print. Without regulation or rebellion by consumers that was unlikely to change.

Government regulators in much of the world are now mandating that brands become transparent about precisely what they are seeking permission for and making it easy for consumers to opt in and opt out according to their preferences.

Gigya's Enterprise Preference Manager was created for precisely for these purposes. 

Gigya Enterprise Preference Manager Screenshot
screenshot of Gigya Enterprise Preference Manager

Enterprise Preference Manager Features

While GDPR was certainly a driver in the creation of Enterprise Preference Manager, Gigya's customers also wanted to improve consumer experiences as data flows between marketing and sales.

Gigya's Enterprise Preference Manager protects customer identities according to their preferences and manages access to personal information by automating:

  • Preference and consent capture including terms of service, privacy policies, use of cookies, marketing communications and custom activities
  • Enforcement of consent including synchronization of preferences downstream so that records can be synchronized with sales, marketing and services applications to simplify compliance
  • Version control including consent control tracking, notifying consumers when consent policies change, maintaining a history of consents granted and more
  • Secure Data Vault including management of where customer consents and information are stored so that it is retrievable as mandated by law
  • Self-service preference center including making it simple for customers to view, change, export or remove their information, including personal data, consent to agreements, communication preferences and frequency (such as subscriptions to monthly newsletters or weekly special offers and more.

"With Enterprise Preference Manager, we are helping our customers redefine the way they use their customer data," said Vittal.