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Combining work and fun: these are a few of my favorite things. Catch up with the latest headlines from CMSWire this week.

Quick, Give Me the Headlines:

  • Haters are going to hate, but email still reigns supreme in the communication game — and will be for a longgg time. Why? I’m glad you asked. Think: it’s easy, everyone has it, fly-through conversations and it’s easily regulated

  • CMSWire sat down with IBM principal offering manager David J. Strachan to discuss IBM’s vision for headless CMS with Watson Content Hub. Strachan claims the platform keeps marketers in mind, using a “best of all worlds” approach, and increases productivity
  • Welp. Just as I got used to talking about Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS), Gartner pulls through with the evolving concept of Content Collaboration Platforms (CCP). Of the 13 vendors considered, leaders of this magic quadrant include Microsoft and Box
  • In an interview with our own Dom Nicastro, Sitecore CEO Mark Frost explains his “passionate focus” on customer success, and plans to improve its cloud-based offerings
  • Meet the startup that’s disrupting information management: Shelf. The world’s largest companies are experimenting with Shelf’s powerful search and organizational features, but we won't name names (cough cough Google)
  • 300 year old company Twinings Tea had their customer service down pat, but were pretty late to the digital experience game, causing company execs some anxie-tea. Recently, the company revamped its online presence, more accurately exposing the heritage and rich history. See the perfect blend of CX and DX for yourself
  • Speaking of anxiety: GDPR is closer than ever. There will undoubtedly be a massive ripple effect of the upcoming EU regulation; it’s time to prep. Five experts share advice on getting ready for GDPR
  • :( True collaborative working is a ways off and predestined company silos play a big part. The good news is, it’s solvable


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