Progress has released a cloud-based platform aimed at helping businesses create omni-channel digital experiences.

Called DigitalFactory, it comes as the Bedford, Mass. company undergoes a digital transformation and rebranding of its own. Progress Software is now called Progress.

“It’s a big launch and rebranding as we have a new look for our website,” Ian Gertler, marketing evangelist for Progress, told CMSWire.

Welcome to Party, Telerik

The bigger piece of the 35-year-old company’s digital transformation puzzle, Gertler said, is the unification of its digital experience product suite. It led to this week’s release of DigitalFactory. He cited the 2014 acquisition of Web CMS provider Telerik, the makers of Sitefinity Web CMS, as a major contributor to the company’s digital experience product story.  

“It’s really a rebranding and a unified product strategy,” Gertler said. “Our goal is to say we still help companies create applications to run their business but now we’re also a company that can help you create, manage and really excel at the customer-facing part of the journey.”

Progress intends to do that through the DigitalFactory suite, which Gertler called a “comprehensive set of solutions for creating and managing very sophisticated digital experiences. A lot of people talk about mobile first. It’s about being customer first and content first.”

Learning Opportunities

Gertler cited a Progress customer that has about 2,000 performance websites that spans multiple countries, languages, landing pages and separate advertising and partner sites.

“How do you manage the governance, security and making sure your content is consistent?” Gertler asked.

Inside DigitalFactory

Progress DigitalFactory includes three parts:

  1. DigitalFactory for Sites: Enables the management and scale of websites and digital assets while maintaining security and governance requirements through content creation, management and reuse across web assets.
  2. DigitalFactory for Engagement: Helps provide the delivery of a multi-channel experience across business lines, assets and properties across multiple devices. Offers full control of digital assets and provides an “author once” capability, focused on creation and reuse of content. 
  3. DigitalFactory for Mobile: Offers tailored mobile experiences for any device and data source. Allows developers to create apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

“When we set forth on our own digital transformation journey, we identified four fundamentals for success — optimize customer engagement, collaborate with partners, unburden IT and simplify operations,” Phil Pead, CEO of Progress, said. “Our vision and DigitalFactory solutions are a direct result of living these tenets each day. We know technology is not the entire answer. Rather, it’s part of a larger perspective that includes a shift in thinking and stronger levels of collaboration between the CIO and CMO."

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