Sprinklr released five new extensions that broaden the reach of its Experience Cloud platform today. 

The extensions, which add capabilities in marketing, advertising, research, commerce and customer care, will build on Sprinklr's efforts to provide a "holistic" customer experience management (CXM) platform. Sprinklr wants to help marketers "reach, engage and listen to customers," according to Ragy Thomas, founder and CEO of the 8-year-old New York City-based company. 

Sprinklr announced the Experience Cloud extensions at its inaugural Digital Transformation Summit, taking place April 10 to 12 in Nashville, Tenn.

Best of Suite Approach

Sprinklr's CEO said its users can integrate these capabilities with other enterprise software legacy suites. Thomas told CMSWire he advocates a "best of suite" approach verses a "best of breed, point-solutions" one. The additional capabilities to its Experience Cloud allow different teams to "work together and take care of customers holistically."

Asked if he's pushing Sprinklr to be an "all-in-one" platform for marketers and customer experience professionals, Thomas said, "It's very naive for anyone to assume one platform can solve it all."

"This is the most broad area in the enterprise technology stack for sure," he added. "We're advocating for the abandonment of the idea of best of breed point solutions and advocating for best of suites."

Sprinklr's vision: take your IBM stack, SAP stack or Microsoft stack — all Sprinklr partners — and integrate with your Sprinklr stack and Adobe, Salesforce or Oracle marketing clouds, for instance, and stitch it all together.

Room Enough for Two Experience Clouds

The company launched its Experience Cloud in 2015 and it bears no relation to Adobe's new Experience Cloud, announced during the Adobe Summit in March.

Thomas, asked about Adobe's Experience Cloud, said there is "no sense fighting over IP rights to mundane public words." The primary difference between Sprinklr's Experience Cloud and Adobe's, he said, is Adobe targets the CMO, marketing and advertising while Sprinklr believes the customer experience is the sum total of all interactions with a brand.

Sprinklr’s Experience Cloud helps brands monitor customers and prospects on Facebook, Twitter and 23 other social channels. It complements legacy systems large enterprises already have in place such as email and CRM, Thomas said.

Experience Cloud Extensions

The extensions for the Experience Cloud include:

Experience Cloud for Marketing

  • Content marketing: Publish content from a central workspace
  • Influencer marketing: Understand, influence and build relationships with those who have it
  • Advocacy: Share brand love across social channels

Experience Cloud for Advertising 

Learning Opportunities

  • Audience management: Build a holistic view of customers by centralizing first- and third-party data across web, social, email, ecommerce and CRM
  • Paid media advertising: Ad management and optimizing paid budgets
  • Paid media reporting: Insight into paid, owned and earned initiatives

Experience Cloud for Research 

  • Visual insights: Automatically flag mentions of brands and products
  • Benchmarking insights: Compare social performance across 30,000-plus brands, multiple social channels and years of historical insights
  • Location insights: Listen to the voice of your customer
  • Product insights: Insight into how customers feel about products.

Experience Cloud for Care 

  • Case management: Organize and track cases
  • Brand care: Automatically rout issues and tailor agent workflows
  • Community care: Cultivate communities of customers
  • Self care: Provide self-service methods for customers to get help

Experience Cloud for Commerce 

  • Ratings and reviews: Capture reviews from verified buyers and leverage content to enhance SEO on websites
  • Shoppable galleries: Curate and tag user-generated content
  • Shopper comments: Capture data at the point of purchase

The Dawn of a New Industry?

Thomas made some bold claims when discussing his company's role in customer experience management. Its conference in Nashville will be "one of our smaller conferences" when people look back to this year, he promised. 

"We hope people look back a year from now and point to the Sprinklr conference in Nashville as the place where customer experience management as a formal industry was born," he told CMSWire.

He has 1.8 billion reasons to be bold: one for every dollar of the company's worth. Last summer, Sprinklr earned $105 million in a funding round and was valued at $1.8 billion. Sprinklr has raised $239 million in six rounds of funding and has acquired 10 companies along the way.

Thomas believes customer-facing solutions should be bucketed under a common digital experience management framework. Sprinklr, he said, builds its technology ecosystem in an "open, integrated way" and supports an "integrated, collaborative, unified platform" approach, Thomas said.

"For more than five years I struggled to come up with the right words," Thomas said. "Is it digital experience? Is it customer experience? Is it engagement? Is it experience? I'm more convinced than ever that every experience is digital. There can't be a breakdown between online and offline. I've personally settled on customer experience management and the notion of CXM as my shorthand way to refer to it."