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Grab your calendars and mark the dates: We kicked off preregistration for our second annual DX Summit this week. We'd love to have you join us to learn the strategies, technologies and thought leadership that deliver game-changing digital experiences — and we're offering an incentive for early registration.

For now, you can learn where you stand with digital transformation and how you can master it, as well as how to move the needle on your digital marketing smarts. And DX Summit speaker Mayur Gupta collaborated with David Raab to tell you how to design a smarter marketing technology stack.

We had some interesting articles from several new community contributors this week, including Joe Kleinschmidt, who explored how to help employees by giving them less, and Robert Soderbery explained how a better workforce experience means happier, more productive workers.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend — and don't forget to preregister for the DX Summit!

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