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You may have been scraping for change for coffee, but some major organizations were throwing quite a bit of money around in a week crammed with mergers and acquisitions.

San Francisco-based Vista Equity Partners plans to scoop up San Mateo, Calif.-based Marketo for $1.79 billion. But at that low price (relatively speaking) could other buyers still make a bid?

OpenText, meanwhile, dropped $163 million to acquire Recommind, an e-discovery and information analytics provider. Salesforce entered the e-commerce fray by buying Demandware for $2.8 billion. And London-based UBM —  the parent of those ubiquitious PR Newswire press releases — acquired Joe Pulizzi's Cleveland-based Content Marketing Institute (CMI) for $17.6 million.

UBM is a big player in the global events space, and we explore why B2B industry events are still as important as ever. "Why are events so popular? Perhaps because so many businesses rely heavily on contractors, freelancers and remote workers, leaving fewer peers in-house for strategy sessions and brainstorming," the story explained.

And sometimes, you can accomplish more with a single in-person meeting than weeks of calls, email and virtual chats. At CMSWire, we're firmly committed to live events.

It's why we're sponsoring our second annual DX Summit in Chicago this November. You should join us … There's so much to talk about, and no better way to have conversations than face-to-face.

Have a great week ahead, and hope to see you at our Summit in November.

Noreen Seebacher
Chief Editor

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