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"We want to touch the consumer where and when she is shopping, and technology helps us to do that."

I am sure your marketing and brand teams have said these sage words before.

Thanks to mobile technology we consumers are able to touch brands in ways that we never thought possible.

Just recently, Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay took the world of digital experience to another level with a new app that allows coffee chuggers to order their fave cup of java (not to mention their accompanying food) before they reach the counter.

Just a few taps and keystrokes and voila! The transaction is done before you reach the counter.

No Time To Lose

This is a good thing, right? Our time is valuable. We want to be in and out of a line. We don't think of experiencing Starbucks like we used to do. We just want to "Joe and Go."

Heaven forbid that we need to wait a few minutes before actually speaking to a person to get what we want.

But it is this simple disappearing human interaction that is the demise of many sales of coffee, clothing and other products — and why we need to be careful about technology's role in experience.

We need to understand how to create digital experiences that compliment rather than replace personal interactions.

Customer Connections

Successful brands have strong personal connections with its customers.

In the not so distant past, the people who worked at my local Starbucks, for instance, made an effort to know me. It was, as Starbucks chairman and chief executive officer Howard Schultz, explained, part of the Italian cafe experience.

There was no iPhone tapping needed. There was no keystroke or swiping involved. There were just people having real conversations.

As we evolve our digital experiences, we need to hold fast to these memories of pre-digital days — and use new technologies to recreate the best connections of the past.

We can’t let digital evolve to impersonal.

Put People First

We are all sick of the phrase “big data.”We need something new.

How about Big Person? Big Human? Generation You&Me? Something to reflect the power of people driving digital experience — something bigger than technology and data.

I bring this idea up because smart brands need to understand the "touch" as much as the "tech."

We have to remember that all customer experience starts and ends with, obviously, the customers.

Digital experience should do more than automate the customer journey: It should enhance our relationships, deepen connections and make it easier for our customers to feel good about interacting with our brand.

How are you going to do that? How are you going to use the power of DX to fuel your customer journeys in the right ways?

Come to the DX Summit

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But that's not all.

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