Demandbase has announced the acquisition of both InsideView, a sales and marketing intelligence platform, and DemandMatrix, a provider of technographic data and intelligence.

“We’re proud to join forces with these two great companies,” said Gabe Rogol, CEO of Demandbase said in a company press release. “Our vision is bold. We are transforming how B2B companies go to market, helping them deliver great experiences at every stage of the account journey. This requires great data — and we now have the premium B2B data and intelligence solutions to help companies identify, understand, and engage their customers and prospects. With this move, Demandbase moves from being ‘just’ a leader in account-based programs to being the definitive leader in B2B go-to-market.”

It’s no secret that data is the fuel that powers any B2B go-to-market strategy. To the same extent, software and predictive analytics are only as good as the data that powers them: it all comes down to better data, which helps create better decisions and stronger marketing and product strategies. But quality information has been challenging for most organizations, with insights divided across platforms and vendors.

“For the last 15 years, we’ve been focused on empowering our customers to experience rapid revenue growth through the power of data,” said Umberto Milletti, CEO of InsideView in an official statement.

With these acquisitions, Demandbase can now offer data across five components in one place, according to the official press release:

Learning Opportunities

  • Firmographics: Powered by InsideView, firmographic data includes information on more than 20 million accounts worldwide, including financials, employee counts, market segments, industries, location, news, and corporate hierarchy information.
  • Technographics: Powered by DemandMatrix, technographic data provides data into a company’s current tech stack, future technology needs, technology based skill set trends, cloud consumption revenue, and IT Spend. For many companies, this ends up being the number one factor in predictive models for fit.
  • Intent: Intent data aims to uncover the topics that companies are actively consuming across the web. This is an indicator of an account’s level of interest in a company or category, and trends can show when accounts are entering into an active buying cycle.
  • Account Identification: Account Identification works to identify the account of any visitor on a webpage, which is usually anonymous. Deanonymizing the account is an essential capability to understand engagement, target and personalize account interactions, and measure the impact of account-based efforts.
  • Contacts: Powered by InsideView, contact data provides information on the people who work at the accounts, consisting of information such as name, function, job level, title, contact information (including phone), location, and social networks.

The Data Cloud also includes Data Integrity, a customer data management tool that continuously cleans, monitors, and unifies CRM data with the most reliable, up-to-date information.

“We started with further innovating technographic data to give customers valuable insights into their prospects and what other technologies they might buy. By now being part of the Demandbase Data Cloud, we’ll be able to provide customers access throughout the B2B data stack to help them realize their revenue goals,” said Meetul Shah, CEO of DemandMatrix in a statement.

Milletti and Shah will continue to run the day-to-day operations of their businesses, and be members of the Demandbase executive team in general manager roles.

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