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Digital Marketers: Declare Your Independence

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This is the week Americans celebrate breaking free from Great Britain 239 years ago.

July 4, 1776. Independence Day.

We all want some kind of independence, right? The right to live the way we want. To have relationships with whom we want. Travel where we want. Full rights to the remote control. 24/7 access to coffee.

It’s all about breaking free.

Get Going

Digital marketers need to break free, too. They need independence from restrictive companies that don’t invest in creative strategies. Independence from old, tired marketing tactics. Maybe they're working off old algorithms or tired SEO tricks.

There’s a lot of technology today to set marketers free. Lots of great people in the industry to help, too. To borrow some marketing tech vendor speak, it’s about buying the right technology, finding the right mentor, at the right time that will cater to the right audience with the right message.

Enough “right” for you? 

This American Independence Day, it’s a good time for digital marketers to think about breaking free. What’s holding you back in your day-to-day work life? Why do some campaigns fail? And are campaigns even the way to go for your organization?

Learning Opportunities

Demand Freedom

We caught up with a couple of CMOs to discuss where marketers should break free. What should marketers declare their independence from?

Peter Goldie, CMO, Leanplum

peter goldie

Mobile marketers are discovering the power of driving user engagement by delivering hyper personalized messaging and in-app experiences. But this Independence Day, marketers should — and can — demand freedom from relying on their engineering teams to execute these marketing campaigns. As mobile marketing automation solutions become more sophisticated, marketers can be more discerning when it comes to platforms that give them easy access to these powerful tools.

Eric Krattenstein, CMO, Mailify

eric krattenstein

Email marketers rely heavily on leading interactive marketing techniques like personalization, mobile optimization, responsive design and social engagement. But this Independence Day, marketers can demand freedom from relying on all factors related to an email campaign that affect its chance of being delivered to the recipient’s inbox and categorized as spam. As the components for deliverability become more refined, marketers can be more selective when it comes to the various elements that increase consumer engagement and give them a better return on investment.

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