Google wants to help you tell the story of your business. The company recently revamped its Primer mobile app, which is an in-your-pocket guide for marketing strategy in the digital age.

The app, available for iPhone and Android, includes various mini-lessons on how to promote your business. 

Each of the lessons have snippets of tips and interactive quizzes to help you master the concepts. Google promises new lessons will arrive each week in order to keep the app fresh with new material.

Pushing Its Marketing Tools

Primer is, of course, a case of enlightened self-interest by Google.

The company makes the bulk of its revenue through online advertising, and would be only too happy for you to put this new marketing inspiration to use by buying up some AdWords or putting more organizational prowess behind your business with Google Apps.

While the app has been around since last year, this redesign makes it more streamlined and fast to use. You can also share lessons with others or save them in your own account.

To use Primer, you’ll need to sign in to the app with your Google account.

'Jargon-Free' lessons

Google claims the lessons are written for a general audience, so you don’t necessarily have to be up to speed on all the marketing terminology to understand what’s going on.

For example, one lesson relates promoting your business with the concept of telling a story. There are interactive quizzes and scenarios that are designed to pique your interest in good marketing. The responses and snippets of knowledge are pretty short, as they’re targeted for quick consumption on a mobile device.

The lessons cover four categories: advertising, content, measurement, and strategy. Take a look:

Google Primer 1

Google Primer 2

Primer 3

Primer 4