Oracle Data Cloud, a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering powered by Oracle ID Graph, is adding 200 new segments to its mix of audience categories. These new categories are, shall we say, quite eclectic — not necessarily by category type but by how those category types were created.

These audience segments come from a new agreement with 33Across, a programmatic advertising platform based in New York City that had long worked with BlueKai, a cloud-based big data platform, according to CEO and co-founder Eric Wheeler.

BlueKai, which in its day was one of the largest audience data exchanges, is now part of the Oracle Data Cloud, following its acquisition by Oracle in 2014. It provides many of the audience segments in the platform; others come from third-party partnerships such as the one with 33Across.

Cut & Paste Is A Signal

What is unique about 33Across' audience segments is the electric mix of signals they tap, including content that people cut and paste to send to other.

The cut-and-paste signal is very useful for determining intent, Wheeler told CMSWire. If someone within, say the expectant parent category segment, cuts and paste a picture of a new crib and sends it to a friend, that strongly suggests she is interested in buying it and wants advice.

Other signals 33Across tracks and incorporates are active interest data, content consumption, social sharing and key word sharing.

The result, he said, "is effective and interesting data sets that identify behaviors that haven’t been leveraged as much as we believe they should be, such as uncovering intent using copy and paste."

The signals do not capture PPI (Private Personal Information) — only anonymous data, Wheeler said. The data sets are probabilistic, as in 33Across is pretty sure that a particular user fits in this category — say, the expecting parent segment — would be interested in adds on that subject.

Learning Opportunities

4M Expecting Parents Cut & Paste

A deeper dive into this one category, expecting parents, shows how 33Across segments this data. It consists of 11 million plus monthly uniques, 250 million plus page views, 2.5 million plus searches and 4 million plus people who have cut and pasted relevant content.

These signals are collected by 33Across' flagship product AudienceID, which follows some 1.4 billion users, 1 million websites, 1 billion search key words and 30 billion intent and interest signals.

Oracle's AddThis Buy

Oracle's acquisition of another company, AddThis, at the start of the year signaled its budding interest in this particular approach to audience segmentation -- that is, following the content that people share on the web.

AddThis, which has also partnered with BlueKai, builds and offers share tools for websites to install that allow their readers to share web pages on social media. Its sharing tools can be found on some 15 million websites around the world ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individual bloggers. It has created a massive dataset from harvesting this activity, processing some 280 billion interactions a month.

In September of 2015, Oracle Data Cloud via partnership with AddThis, included its particular brand of audience segments to its larger mix.