With platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn dominating B2C and B2B marketing strategies, marketers may be tempted to put their Pinterest marketing strategies on the back burner. But with over 200 million active monthly users and 50 billion Pins uploaded to date, a large number of enterprise software vendors have decided that Pinterest is worth their time and money. We’ve taken a look at eleven different software vendors who are Pinning up images for their growing Pinterest audiences to learn, admire and share — so strap yourself in for some Pinterest marketing inspiration.

1. Shopify

The eCommerce vendor has attracted over 43,000 followers on Pinterest. They use the platform to boost awareness around the product that their customers sell using the Shopify platform, from office furniture to baby shower gifts.

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2. HubSpot

HubSpot pins infographics relating to digital marketing, quotes from their conferences, models donning HubSpot swag and “HubSpotters In The Wild”, which is a Pinterest board Hubspot has put together to showcase HubSpot users from around the globe.

3. Intel

Intel uses Pinterest to drive awareness and sales for its range of consumer tech. Their Pinterest boards promote “back to school technology”, tech-based men’s fashion snaps, wearable technology and Intel-branded swag. Intel’s emphasis on pushing their products as “perfect gifts” on Pinterest is notable, as they are a natural hunting ground for shoppers looking for gifts. They've made steps to position themselves as the ideal social platform for eCommerce brands.

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4. Adobe

Adobe’s Pinterest uploads are designed to inspire and captivate their 60,000 followers. They upload images of innovative and contemporary graphic design, photography, murals and travel destinations. They also upload quotes from key industry leaders and assorted mockups of their own logo.

5. Klout

With 13,000 Pinterest followers, the Klout app uses Pinterest to showcase how the app was built, photography from their events and even food with the Klout logo incorporated. Their uploads also highlight the volunteering and charity projects carried out by the brand.

6. GoDaddy

GoDaddy uses Pinterest to share images of its leadership team, spread infographics related to web design and web hosting, and even the odd cat-in-a-hat picture — which is a smart move considering the internet’s love for felines.

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7. IBM

IBM’s Pinterest boards include “Women in Tech” and “IBM History”. The first one highlights the role women are playing in startups and large technology companies, while the latter takes Pinterest users back in time, showcasing IBM employees innovating before cameras could capture images in color. Their Pinterest account is also home to images of geeky gifts, infographics and IBM employees from around the world.

8. Skype

On Pinterest, Skype focuses on promoting fashion, pets and travel adventures — but they also make room for promoting Skype in classrooms and showing off their offices to give their 21,000 followers a feel for the brand’s personality.

9. Amazon

Amazon treats its 66,000 Pinterest followers to images of gadgets, furniture, food, recipes and the Amazon Kindle tablet being used by travellers in scenic locations. There’s no behind-the-scenes peeks — just a flurry of products that can all be purchased via Amazon.

10. Twitter

By following Twitter on Pinterest, users can get sneak peeks into office life at Twitter HQ, remind themselves of the best “Twitter Moments” and find some pretty Twitter header images. Twitter also uses Pinterest to share videos of industry experts discussing Twitter and its impact on marketing, culture and the daily lives of its users.

11. Airbnb

With just under 50,000 Pinterest followers, Airbnb uses Pinterest to draw attention to lesser-known travel spots, tempting summer beach houses, coastal views, and a bunch of other images that inspire people to explore the globe.