Today’s marketing technology has a major impact on website performance.

Tags, the code that is embedded on your site when new marketing technologies are implemented, can leak customer and company data, and slow down your site to the point where users abandon it.

With roughly 3,500 marketing tech companies operating in the ecosystem — an increase of about 87 percent over last year, and combined with the conflict between IT and marketing over ownership and accountability, these tags can cause all sorts of issues with site performance, data leakage and security.

With the recent return of HBO’s Silicon Valley, we couldn’t help but wonder what type of data struggles would occur with the most popular companies in Silicon Valley's world.

Mapping the Problems

Pied Piper: Unlike most of today’s websites, Pied Piper has a very limited number of trackers. As a start-up, Pied Piper is invested in developing the service for their users instead of worrying about implementing technology that tracks users and their habits. Start-ups are usually looking to gain traction in the marketplace before monetizing their product – a stark difference of opinions that has been on display in the current season of Silicon Valley.

Pied Piper Hooli represents a combination of today’s tech giants – Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Hooli's chaotic map exemplifies the key issue with Silicon Valley companies - the sheer amount of data they have on users and the amount of technology they employ. Additionally, even after completing acquisitions, the legacy tags can still be found on the website. All of these unclaimed piggyback tags can lead to higher operational costs.

Tres Commas Tequila: Who would think consumer packaged goods companies who aren’t necessarily selling anything online would have a ton of marketing technologies, but in reality, these companies do! A lack of control of your marketing technologies can leave your company vulnerable to data leakage, potentially to competitors. Unmonitored tags can lead to a negative brand perception.

Learning Opportunities

Tres Commas Tequila

Aviato: What is Aviato apart from the ‘uncubator’? Perhaps they began as a travel company with a map that looks an awful lot like Expedia’s or Orbitz. There must be some concern for these marketing technologies that can cause page latency, slow down the site and open up Aviato to some “man-in-the-middle” attacks.


Bro (app): Clearly today, nothing is sacred. Even my cousin’s app is using trackers! The simplest apps using marketing technologies can leave your users open to security vulnerabilities. Not knowing what tags are sitting on your pages opens the door for hackers that can insert themselves between your page and the vendor, without either being the wiser. It is imperative that developers and marketers work together to create an environment in which IT can prevent data leaks from occurring. 

Bro (app)

While the included made-up examples are just a representation of the marketing technology stacks of our favorite Silicon Valley companies, real websites with real users are experiencing this kind of bloat everyday. To maintain a high level of user experience, site owners should gain a deeper understanding of how the tech on their site is impacting performance.  

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