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Influitive's tool can help find authentic stories from customers. PHOTO: 古 天熱

Influitive, an advocate marketing platform, has released a tool to connect sales and marketing teams to customer success stories.

Toronto-based Influitive CEO Mark Organ promises the tool, Upshot, evolves conversations beyond standard website testimonials to authentic stories about verified customer advocates.  

Mark Organ

Most case studies are bland, stale and formulaic, Organ said in a blog post. "They don’t inspire or draw the reader in. They’re just part of the broken content marketing machine that has your buyers drowning in mediocre, self-serving content that only 9 percent of them trust," he wrote.

Upshot identifies customers with relevant, on-narrative stories, provides writers who produce stories from interviews with these customers and then shares those stories with sales and marketing teams. 

"There is all kinds of BS on the web," Organ told CMSWire. "Buyers want to know, 'is this person like me? Can I believe this person and trust them?' People want more authenticity, a real voice from a real person." 

B2B Buyer Challenge

This is especially true in the B2B world, where buyers are tasked with making six-figure purchases that puts their credibility on the line. 

Organ said Influitive's Upshot tool can help find authentic stories from customers to answer the questions that keep B2B buyers up at night.

"Sales reps use these stories in pitches because they feel so authentic," Organ said. "They prefer this over standard marketing content. In Hollywood, there is good, evil, joy and pain. A great business story is not that different."

Summer Palma, marketing manager at On-Site, said Upshot "captured much more quantitative data than I anticipated." It also, she said, felt "less sales-y and more focused on how our client is solving a problem — their voice comes out in the writing.”

Influitive's new tool Upshot generates stories on brand advocates.

Influitive also announced enhancements to its flagship advocate marketing platform, AdvocateHub.   

Updates to AdvocateHub include:

  • Peer-to-peer messaging and personalized profiles
  • New workflow management and reporting enhancements facilitate the scaling of programs to thousands of advocates
  • Benchmark reports provide insight on how communities are performing in comparison to others on the platform

Inside Influitive's Journey

Influitive was founded in 2010 by Organ, the founder and CEO of Eloqua, which was acquired by Oracle in December 2012.

Last August, Influitive laid off 13 percent of its staff, about 19 employees, citing the need to adjust its business plan for sustainability. It's raised about $50 million and acquired two mobile companies, Ironark Software and Triggerfox.