oliver Chen

Really, when you think about it, Innotech co-founder Oliver Chen may have been better suited to invest in innovation in the travel industry. 

He has bounced around three out of the four corners of the globe during his 30-odd years. Chen was born and grew up in Taiwan, spent his teenage years in boarding schools in Holland and Switzerland and then went to the US to attend the University of Michigan, where he became a huge Wolverines fan in the process.

Chen also might have focused on disrupting the accounting and finance industries through innovation. He studied accounting at Michigan and went on to spend the first ten years of his working life at KPMG and Deloitte. 

Then he was recruited by PepsiCo to help with its Asia business — and found himself back in the Pacific, on the China mainland. Chen spent six years flying back and forth between San Francisco and Shanghai when he called it quits to founded his own company, which is not in travel tech and not in FinTech.

He decided to build his fortune in AdTech. Why?

For one, Chen said, it's a highly fragmented space despite the overwhelming presence of Facebook and Google. Demand is huge on both the buy side — for new and better services — and on the sell side, for capital. Then there is the opportunity, which Chen described as almost boundless. 

"The potential is enormous to help companies to better monetize their advertising and their content," he said. "I don’t see any other industry having such potential."