If your business is considering migrating to a digital workplace model, having the right productivity and collaboration tools can make all the difference in making the transition a smooth one. It can certainly increase the chances of being successful in the mid to long-term.

Productivity, collaboration, communication, customer relationship management, and customer support are essential functions for almost every business, and making the switch to a digital workplace with as little disruption to these functions as possible is a necessity. Here are some business and a digital workplace experts that have shared their experiences with some of the productivity and collaboration tools that helped transform businesses of all sizes into a digital workplace.

Communication and Collaboration Tool

Internal communication and collaboration is vital to keeping employees in the loop with company developments and business activities. Timely and clear communication is a necessity in a digital workplace. Smarp is an employee communication tool that helps companies keep everyone up-to-date on company-wide news and helps engage them. Companies like Jabra, one of the world’s leading provider of hands-free solutions for mobile phones, has used Smarp to “disrupt the cycle of not getting the content through to relevant audiences and engaging people,” and leveraged this collaboration tool to help streamline their content.

Smarp plans start at $10/user/month, with a 14-day free trial. Visit Smarp to find out more.

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Video Meetings and Webinars

Meetings, webinars, and training in a digital workplace aren’t always possible face-to-face. Having the ability to use tools like ClickMeeting is key in bringing together a remote workforce or disbursed participants to discuss business activities and manage projects. The European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU) supports higher education through programs that are online, open and flexible education. Their challenge was to "get their members together when people and institutions have less time and lower budgets to travel.” EADTU was able to use ClickMeeting to meet online and forego inconvenience and business travel costs.

ClickMeeting offers webinar plans starting at $25/month (billed annually) and goes up to $165/month (billed annually). Their month-to-month plans start at $30/month and go up to $209/month. To find out more about features and pricing visit ClickMeeting.

Email, Calendars, Document Storage and More

Rob Satrom, president of FeedbackWRENCH shares his experience with collaboration and productivity tools. He offers up advice on digital productivity tools like email, file storage, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and customer support. These “don’t break the bank, provide high compatibility, and solve as many problems in as few steps as possible — while creating a digital environment to collaborate as they scale,” said Satrom.

Productivity tools like G-Suite (Google Cloud) provide small businesses with a suite of affordable and scalable web-based productivity tools like email, calendar, file storage and file management tools. Satrom explains “sure, Office 365 is a great solution, but nothing creates a more seamless collaboration solution than G-Suite because it will work seamlessly on nearly every platform and it provides stunning tools for collaboration in Google Drive.”

Learning Opportunities

G-suite offers a basic plan for $5/user/month, a business plan for $10/user/month, an enterprise plan for $25/user/month, and a team plan for $10/user/month, with a 14-day trial. Visit G-Suite to find out more.

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Customer Support and Tracking

Customer support tools like Zendesk easily integrates with G-Suite and various web-based customer relationship management (CRM) tools like HubSpot and makes collaborating on customer issues a breeze.

Nothing will ruin a client experience more than missed requests, so a tracking system is a must. “You don't have to be a very large company before you need a clean, easy-to-use tracking system for client tickets,” Satrom says. He likes Zendesk as a digital solution that provides a great way to collaborate with customers on solutions.

Pricing plans start at $5/agent/month and go up to $199/agent/month; a demo and 30-day trial is available. Go to Zendesk to find out more about customer support and collaboration products.

Transitioning to a Digital Workplace

Making a smooth transition to a digital workplace means being able to leverage scalable and reliable tools to effectively communicate, collaborate, and support your employees and customers. These tools and ones like them can help your organization’s workplace transform into a more productive and communicative environment.