Since  Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft unveiled the new version of SharePoint at Ignite earlier this year, there have been a number of new features introduced that have made using SharePoint easier to use and manage. The release cadence will be no surprise to anyone that uses SharePoint Online and even the on-premises edition as Microsoft has said in the past that it wants to keep upgrading SharePoint on-premises features to ensure that it keeps up with the online edition as far as it can.

The announcement last week that it is releasing page management approvals will be welcome to all users as it enables even inexperienced users to build pages that are easy to manage. SharePoint page authoring makes it simple to build immersive experiences that integrate applications, data, text, media and other elements.   News pages can be highly visible, since they are automatically aggregated in hub sites, mobile apps and the SharePoint home page.

Meanwhile, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams are also getting new capabilities and options through new preview versions of the SharePoint Framework and of Microsoft Teams.

For SharePoint Frameworks, the new preview edition adds easier deployment options across Office 365 sites and a new ability to use Office 365 to host application elements. There is more on the way here so watch out for it.

Nintex Improves SharePoint Workflows

Sticking with SharePoint, Bellevue, Wash.-based Nintex, a process management and automation specialist has announced that Nintex for SharePoint 2019 is generally available. The new version includes Nintex Workflow and Forms capabilities and incorporates all Nintex for SharePoint 2016 functionality, plus new key investments.

These are just the latest automated processing capabilities from Nintex and ties the company tighter to SharePoint as well as its other processes automation solutions for Microsoft Office.

With Nintex for SharePoint 2019, users can access Nintex Workflow in 20 languages as well as Nintex Forms in familiar SharePoint environments. They can also build custom apps without code and in doing so connect business processes in SharePoint, Office 365 and more.

Braidio Buys InnoStreams For Workstream Intelligence

Elsewhere, San Francisco-based Braidio, which develops a workstream intelligence platform, announced today that it is is buying InnoStreams, which develops a platform used to manage digital initiatives across enterprise.

The acquisition will be used to enhanced Braidio’s WorkStream Intelligence Platform, which was built for the growing need for speed in accomplishing tasks, and for improving automation and collaboration. The solution enables employees to solve problems on their own, by using crowd sourced knowledge-based systems.

Learning Opportunities

The company is moving to integrate with other third-party services and tools, to provide a unified experience.

Trello Buys Butler For Automation

Finally this week, Trello, the organizational tool owned by Atlassian, announced that is buying Butler for an undisclosed amount. The idea is to bring Butler workplace automation to their Trello boards. “Over the years, teams have discovered that by automating processes on Trello boards with the Butler Power-Up, they could spend more time on important tasks and be more productive. Butler helps teams codify business rules and processes, taking something that might take ten steps to accomplish and automating it into one click,” Michael Pryor of Trello wrote in a post.

Trello was bought by Atlassian for $425 million in 2017. Apart from anything else, this shows that it is operating as a company in its own right.

Macro 4 Adds Blockchain and Regulatory Compliance

Is this a first? UK-based Macro 4, has released a new version of its Columbus DW enterprise content management software that integrates with the blockchain. According to the company, the blockchain integration will provide enhanced data protection and regulatory compliance.

Data privacy regulations such as the GDPR  not only require enterprises to put better safeguards in place to protect customer data,  but also to prove that they have done just that. Blockchain is ideal for that.

While there are a number of new redaction capabilities in the system the introduction of the hyperledger blockchain framework is a strong play in the ECM space. “By cross-checking the hashes stored locally, in the Columbus tamper-evident audit log, with the hashes recorded on the tamper-evident blockchain, it is possible to prove conclusively that nothing has been changed,” Jim Allum  director of commercial and technical at Macro 4.

The Columbus DW enterprise content management software helps organizations manage the diverse documents and data that business processes and customer communications are built on.

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