Access to information lies at the heart of many business processes today, but information management still struggles to get the resources — and respect — to fuel its initiatives. Why is this and what does the future hold for this business critical activity?

Join us today at 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 1700 GMT to discuss the trends and forces shaping the future of information management. As always, the broader CMSWire community is welcome to take part. Join in on Twitter using the #EIMChat hashtag, logging in to our chatroom or through Cover it Live below.

Learning Opportunities

Live Blog CMSWire Tweet Jam: What's Next for Information Management?

The Questions

  1. Has the fundamental function of information management changed? If so, how? If not, will it? 
  2. Some ECM vendors now bill themselves as being in the "digital transformation" field. Is this marketing talk, a sign of change, or? 
  3. How does new(er) tech like blockchain, machine learning and open data impact information management? 
  4. How did the advent of the cloud impact information management?
  5. Should information management pivot, as contributor Joe Shepley suggests, to more of an information security focus? Why or why not? 
  6. What steps do we need to take now to manage legacy information even as we create ever increasing new amounts of data?

Participation Guidelines

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Introduce yourself with your first #EIMChat tweet. Include your name, job title and organization you work for 
  • Answer question one with A1, question two with A2, etc. — and be sure to include the #EIMChat hashtag. For example, "@bigbird A4 Cloud, what cloud? #EIMChat"
  • Please don't pitch products or services — stay knowledge focused 
  • Keep the discussion professional, but informal 
  • Remember that this is a public chat — be thoughtful

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