Marketo co-founder Jon Miller claims he's advancing the concept of account-based marketing to "account-based everything."

In a flagship release from his new venture, Engagio, Miller said he's offering a coordinated strategy that links decision-makers in an account across channels and departments.

“It’s sort of analogy to a football play,” Miller said. 

You think “about how you’re lining up and what everybody is doing on each side” to loop everyone in on the team about a target account, improving efficiencies and enabling deeper levels of personalization.

The Sequel to Marketo

Jon Miller
Miller left Marketo last year to co-found Engagio, an account based outbound marketing platform for B2B companies. Unlike traditional “lead-centric” marketing automation tools, Miller said Engagio is “account-centric,” so it helps companies to navigate and engage target accounts.

"We've had a great year, growing from nothing to 36 paying customers and $675,000 of annual recurring revenue from leading B2B tech brands such as PROS, Guidewire, VersionOne, Demandbase and Hearsay Social," explained Miller, the CEO at Engagio.

His timing couldn't be better: Account-based marketing is the hottest topic in B2B marketing. It's the new shiny object for B2B marketers and fueling a revolution, some say.

Engagio PlayMaker

Engagio launched in April 2015 with a $10 million Series A round led by Firstmark Capital. Yesterday, it released its flagship product: Engagio PlayMaker.

PlayMaker offers a way for sales and marketing to create tasks and approvals so teams and channels stay aligned while making their plays, Miller told CMSWire.

Marketing alone is insufficient for account-based success, he contends, arguing that account-based marketing is a misnomer. It's the wrong phrase to describe "the process of coordinating personalized efforts to open doors and deepen engagement at target accounts," he said.

"In fact, our definition of account based marketing made sure to point out that although ABM may have marketing in the name, in reality it’s a close collaboration between sales and marketing – and without that alignment ABM will fail."

Learning Opportunities

Engagio screenshot

Miller said PlayMaker can:

  • Orchestrate multi-step plays that span channels and departments, using tasks and approvals to make sure everyone stays coordinated and sales and marketing stay aligned
  • Embrace multi-player account-based communications to build relationships with multiple contacts at multiple levels at a time
  • Replace generic, automated email with messages that are personalized, reviewed and sent by a human to drive more meaningful connections

Engagio also launched Insights as part of PlayMaker, a Chrome plugin that looks at pages to deliver communication history. This data is sourced by Engagio, which connects to email clients, and a few third-party applications, Miller said.

Automation with a Human Touch

Miller said technology needs to integrate a human touch and support relationships across key accounts.

For example, Company A may try to prospect Company B by running a two-week play that begins with a personal email, followed by a phone call and a bottle of wine.

When the team runs the play on PlayMaker, someone from marketing may draft the email but task someone from sales to add a personal note. Then maybe an executive will follow up with a phone call before the bottle of wine gets shipped.

The entire process is automated and tracked on the platform, Miller said.

“I think in a year when people think about Engagio, they’re going to think about PlayMaker ... because we can keep building capabilities.”