SAN FRANCISCO — Demandbase CMO Peter Isaacson told nearly 600 B2B marketers that they are disrupting the status quo and driving business impact like never before by embracing account-based marketing (ABM).

Isaacson took the stage this morning to kick off his company's third annual Marketing Innovation Conference here.

Demandbase, a targeting and personalization marketing platform for B2B marketers, is leading the charge for a revolution through ABM, which capitalizes on the reality that most B2B buying decisions are made by a group of people rather than one individual.

"ABM is undeniably hot. It's on fire," he said.

ABM is the 'Missing Link'

Chris Golec's Mom's words of wisdom
Demandbase founder and CEO Chris Golec said ABM creates a system of record that interconnects and automates traditionally disconnected marketing activities.

In the past several years, ABM has been growing rapidly for a number of reasons, including technologies that enable account-based identification as well as the dawn of account-based advertising and better account-based measurement tools.

Golec said his 85-year-old mother from Detroit had a big impact on the evolution of the company — simply by posing the most logical of all questions. "Why the heck are you spending your money advertising to me on the Detroit News website? I am never going to buy your software."

That question prompted his quest to find better ways to personalize marketing and eliminate waste, which ultimately evolved to ABM, he explained.

Learning Opportunities

Oracle Partnership Automates ABM

Earlier this week Demandbase announced a new ABM solution for the Oracle Marketing Cloud.

With Demandbase Account-Based Marketing Automation, Golec said B2B marketers can implement account-specific campaigns directly in Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation. That accelerates conversion rates and drives revenue from qualified marketing leads, he said.

Kevin Akeroyd GM and SVP for the Oracle Marketing Cloud, said ABM is more than a fad. It's systemically fueling transformational results. It addresses the fact that most companies lack a centralized hub to orchestrate customer interactions and content across the customer lifecycle.

Akeroyd said integrating Demandbase's data platform with the Oracle Marketing Cloud enables customers to better target, engage and convert opportunities by better linking activities and data across a single account.

Title image by Asa Aarons Smith