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Customer Experience Decoded is CMSWire's semi-monthly podcast designed to deliver insights from leaders driving the evolution of customer experience, with an emphasis on digital touch points, customer journeys, respectful data management and voice of the customer.

Each episode is designed to help you better understand how industry leaders are managing customer experience and the value these practices can bring to your customers' and employee's daily lives.

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About the Hosts

Rich Hein

Based in Sunny Florida, Rich Hein is Head of Content and Audience Strategy for CMSWire. He has worked in digital technology publishing for nearly two decades, connecting readers with content that matters to them. Rich creates and implements editorial strategy and works cross-functionally with marketing to serve and build CMSWire's audience of over 250,000 unique monthly visitors.

Dom Nicastro

Dom Nicastro has covered the digital customer experience and digital employee experience spaces since he began with Simpler Media Group full-time in January of 2014. He regularly serves as emcee at his company's two industry events and as moderator for SMG webinars. On the side, Dom is a sports-talk radio host for an FM station out of the Boston area. Prior to Simpler Media Group, Dom was a journalist at a healthcare publishing company and served as editor of his hometown's daily newspaper, the Gloucester Daily Times in the North Shore region of Massachusetts.

Recent Episodes

Do you really want to live in a cookie-less world? Digitally, anyway, that’s the reality for marketers.

The impending demise of the third-party cookie will take one big bite out of a marketer’s tried and true go-to strategy. Marketers have used third-party cookies for decades to inform digital advertising and user experience by tracking information about visitors and their behavior when not on their actual

But it’s a new world when it comes to data privacy. And the tech giants are taking action. Apple and Google are making moves to support the termination of this type of data tracking on the web.

How can marketers adjust? Is the demise of third-party cookies actually a good thing for marketing strategy?

How can CX professionals adapt in light of these challenges?

Co-hosts Rich Hein and Dom Nicastro of CMSWire and special guests Ratul Shah, head of product marketing at SAP, and Tim Hayden, the CEO of BrainTrust, discuss on this CX Decoded Podcast marketing in a cookie-less world.

Every company in the history of the business world likely would benefit from listening to their customers. The challenge today? Customers talk. A lot. And in many different ways and in many different media platforms.

It’s on their brands to listen — and act. If it were only that easy.

Voice of the Customer (VoC) technology has become a billion-dollar business for vendors. And it seems like a billion-dollar challenge for customer experience practitioners: how do I manage my VoC data, programs and, most importantly, make it actionable for better customer experiences? How do I create strong feedback loops? What impact did COVID-19 have on VoC in 2020 and what will be the priority for CX professionals in this arena in 2021?

Join co-hosts Rich Hein and Dom Nicastro of CMSWire and special guest Stephanie Thum, CCXP, founding principal of Practical CX, on this CX Decoded podcast to learn the latest strategies to boost VoC programs and thrive in a rapidly changing world economy.

Welcome to CMSWire's first podcast.

Everyone knows 2020 kicked digital customer experience into high gear. Businesses, even those whose primary model was brick-and-mortar, had to adapt digitally and fast because of COVID-19 precautionary lockdowns that shuttered stores and sent customers to digital shopping and communication experiences with their brands.

It was up to customer experience professionals to execute on these digital experiences. And it was anything but seamless.

Only 11% of CX professionals told CMSWire in its State of the Digital Customer Experience 2021 report that their tools are working well. Another 47% say they’re satisfactory, and 43% say they need work.

Furthermore, CX practitioners reported struggles with limited budget/resources (46%), siloed systems and/or fragmented customer data (37%), limited cross-department alignment/collaboration (34%), outdated/limited technology, operations or processes (29%) and lack of in-house expertise/skills (27%).

How can CX professionals adapt in light of these challenges?

Join Rich Hein and Sarah Kimmel of CMSWire and special guest Annette Franz, CCXP, founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc., on this CX Decoded podcast for more insights on the yearly CMSWire report and how to better deliver digital customer experiences in 2021.

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