WordPress VIP, the technical source and provider of enterprise WordPress, has added KrishaWeb, a WordPress development company based in Asia Pacific and North America, to its prominent VIP silver agency program. Owned by Automatic, WordPress VIP selects top-performing companies from across the globe for their VIP agency program.

In addition, the WordPress VIP Silver Agency program is a recognition given to companies with noteworthy contributions to the WordPress ecosystem. The program provides full access to WordPress infrastructure, cloud platform, code reviews, community support, and technical foothold required to build innovative enterprise applications. The program provides the partner company with a fully managed WordPress cloud platform for matchless scale, security, performance, and flexibility.

Merck, USA Today, CNN, Heavy, Global News, Capgemini, and Dow Jones are some renowned names in the enterprise clientele of WordPress VIP. KrishaWeb joins an exceptional and esteemed group of IT companies that can serve significant clients with its technically evolved enterprise WordPress solutions.

The primary criteria for selecting IT companies as their silver agency partners is a highly successful track record in WordPress development, integration, product expertise, technical prowess, and a far-sighted and strategic vision to develop market-leading WordPress products.

KrishaWeb is an award-winning IT company with a global client base. It offers an array of WordPress development services including website design, open-source web development, plugin development, eCommerce design and development, custom web application development, and digital marketing services. It serves diverse industries and has earned top laurels on many occasions.

While speaking about the enlargement of the Agency Partner Program, WordPress CEO Nick Gernert said that “WordPress VIP is experiencing significant growth and we’re poised to deliver transformational results for brands who require best-in-class digital experiences. We’re excited to welcome new agencies alongside our existing partners to help us deliver on the most demanding implementations of enterprise WordPress.”
For details about KrishaWeb’s partnership with WordPress VIP, Check the announcement here.

About KrishaWeb

Conceived in 2008, KrishaWeb is a leading WordPress development company that offers enterprise custom WordPress development services. With a team dedicated to bringing digital transformation, the company offers web development solutions and digital marketing services to varied industries across the globe. To know more about its services, check https://www.krishaweb.com/

About WordPress VIP

WordPress VIP offers exceptional digital experiences to enterprise clients by providing an agile content platform and secure hosting plans for massive websites. Its enterprise platform forms the foundation of some of the highest traffic-facing websites in the world. It provides a robust and scalable architecture for WordPress deployments. Reliable as the best platform for enterprise WordPress applications, WordPress VIP offers automated deployments, headless CMS, continuous integration, and a solid WordPress ecosystem.

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