Porsgrunn, Norway-based eZ Systems, an open source content management system (CMS) provider,is partnering with a cloud-hosting provider to make it easier to deploy and manage web applications.

The cloud hosting provider — Paris-based Platform.sh, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering — will integrate with eZ System's eZ Platform and its premium edition, eZ Enterprise. 

Partnership Advances Agility

Through this partnership, developers will be able to build, test and deploy new features faster and more frequently, company officials promised. Roland Benedetti, chief product and marketing officer for eZ Systems, told CMSWire the move enables customers and partners to be "much more agile."

He said the Platform.sh PaaS cloud-hosting deployment brings customers and developers up to speed quickly on new web app projects so they don't have to "worry about infrastructure."

PaaS is one of three cloud-deployment models, along with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). 

With the PaaS model, "you get a core hosting operating system and optional building block services that allow you to run your own applications or third-party applications," CMSWire author Amit Kumawat wrote.

platform.sh promises

"You need not be concerned," Kumawat said, "about lower level elements of infrastructure, network topology, security and load balancers — all this is done for you by the cloud service provider. The provider gives you a fully functional OS with major platform software."

That's what eZ Systems is pushing in this partnership with Platform.sh — less work for those inside its Web CMS ecosystem. Platform.sh provides a 99.99 percent uptime service language agreement. 

Continuous Delivery

Benedetti said the addition of Platform.sh into the eZ Systems CMS will elevate production uptime. It includes continuous delivery of changes and PHP scripting language

Learning Opportunities

Kieron Sambrook-Smith, chief commercial officer for Platform.sh, told CMSWire said his team's PaaS cloud deployment model through automation helps development teams get better at making emergency changes.

"There is no need to wait a week or two weeks," Sambrook-Smith said. Platform.sh includes continuous changes each day so developers can focus on writing code.

Platform.sh also has partnerships with Symfony, Bitbucket and Magento among others. 

Major Web CMS Release

EZ's ecosystem contains 45,000-plus users, 80-plus business partners and more than 500 enterprise customers. It has more than 85 employees across eight offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

Though it makes several updates throughout the year, it released last December what officials called its biggest platform release in a decade. It released a two-layer CMS: eZ Platform, its open source core for developers, and eZ Studio, an integrated set of tools for editors and marketers. 

It was designed to offer a flexible content model that enables content strategists to define their information architecture and to implement the "cope" process: create content once, publish it everywhere. It also allowed content publishers to deliver content across channels and devices, whether it be responsive and adaptive websites, apps and the Internet of Things.