Customer Experience Vidyard HootSuite Video
Video marketing platform, Vidyard released a new app for HootSuite today which offers marketers the ability to manage and share videos from the HootSuite dashboard, along with real time analytic reporting.

Analyst groups note the growing importance of video in digital marketing. Every day there seems to be more and more video tools created for marketers' use including the recently released  FlixMaster’s video marketing for Android and iOS devices and SDL's integration of video for email marketing campaigns.

Social Media Video Sharing, from One Dashboard

Vidyard’s newest contribution, the Vidyard for Hootsuite App, is designed to help digital marketers manage and post videos to social media sites through the HootSuite dashboard. It offers analytic reporting on viewer trends including traffic and engagement rates, click-through rates, location data and the ability to narrow down on specific leads.

Instead of having to re-create videos or limiting how many videos can be uploaded at one time, app users can upload their entire video library to HootSuite, including those from YouTube.

Users can also update videos to improve viewership with features like a "sign up now" call to action button and email gates. These changes, although done from the HootSuite dashboard, will update the video, regardless of if it has already been posted.

Learning Opportunities

Other features of the Vidyard for HootSuite App are A/B testingand integration with Eloqua, Marketo and Hubspot for marketing automation purposes.

Videos are the extroverts of your marketing mix. They're full of personality, love to interact, and they want to be the life of the party,” wrote Mitch Solway, the vice president of marketing at Vidyard. “Marketers want to make the most of these social superstars, so it’s important that video is especially easy to share on social channels.”

The app is now available from the HootSuite App Directory. Check it out in the video below.

HootSuite in the News

While Vidyard has been quiet on the news front within the last couple months, HootSuite has had a few releases of note. These include an integration withAttensity and an expanded platform that now offers security services such as two-factor authentication and Twitter security alerts.